Pakistan's Business Directory

Check Online Business Directory with businesses contact information, email, website, google map location, phone number and other information. You can find all companies of Pakistan including advertisement, Agriculture, Hotels of Pakistan, Malls, Clothing Brands, Construction Companies, Jewelers in Pakistan, Hospital and other businesses information.
Advertising & Marketing Agriculture Animals, Birds, Pets & Live stocks Clothing & Fashion Associations and NGOs Automobiles & Vehicles Banking & Financing Books, Publications & Libraries Building Materials Business Services Provider Dyes & Chemicals Commodities & Merchandiser Computers & IT Construction & Real Estate Consultants & Advisers Designers & Decorators Detergents & Soaps Education & Training Centre Electronics & Electrical Products Engineering Section Events Planner Food & Beverage Products Fruits & Vegetable Products Furniture & Wood Products Handicrafts Health and Medical Hotels, Clubs & Food Parlors Industrial Machinery & Equipments Insurance Companies Jewelers Leather and Tanneries Metals, Minerals & Mining Miscellaneous Oil, Gas & Fuel Plastics & Polymers Postal & Courier Services Printing & Publishing Professional Services Security & Safety Stone & Marble Telecommunication Textiles Tourism & Travel Agent Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Hardware & Tools Packaging & Paper Photography Power & Generators Water & Water Purification Petroleum & Products Architects & Planners Retail Shops & Departmental Stores Footwear Products & Services Transport & Logistics Public Limited Companies Rice Energy & Utilities Products Radio, TV & Multimedia Environmental Services Personal Care & Fitness Centre Food Processing Machinery Geo Equipment & Services Gifts Shops & Toys Glass, Earthenware & Clay Home Appliances & Accessories Home Supplies Office Equipments & Supplies Pipes & Fittings Road Safety & Traffic Shipping Companies Sports & Games Government Sector Cutlery Call Centre's Fun, Entertainment & Hobbies Horticulture & Gardening Paints & Varnishes Pest Control Products & Services Religion & Belief Shares & Stock Brokers Social Services Watches & Clocks Poultry Hair Products & Services Herbs & Others Embroidery & Crafts Textile Batteries Chains Industrial Safety Equipment Sugar Mill Machinery & Parts Photocopy Mobile Phones Knitting Wool Cultures Bakers, Sweets & Confectioners Baby Products Packing and Crating

Business Directories are used to jot down different businesses and their contacts, similarly, the Pakistan Business Directory has a list of all types of business within the country. Visit Darsaal to view the Directory.

The Function of a Business Directory: When a person initiates a business, he may have to contact other companies as well to make ties with them. Hence, in order to contact the other companies, it is necessary to contact the people related to the company.

To maintain contact, people use Directories. Specifically, in Pakistan, the Pakistan Business Directory is consulted. The Directory is updated often as the companies tend to increase nearly every day.

Some companies provide services that may be useful to your business. For instance, if you have a Gold business, you may want to contact people in the Mining Industry. For that, you shall have to consult the Directory in order to obtain contact details of certain companies.

Methods of Contact:

There are different ways of contacting a company after visiting the Pakistan Business Directory. The methods of making contact with other Business are:

  • E-mail
  • Landline/Telephone Number
  • Mobile Numbers
  • UAN Numbers
  • Postal Addresses for Mails
  • Fax Machine Numbers

All information and contact details are given along with the name of the company in the Directory. Making connections with other companies not only helps your business grow, but it also helps the other company to grow as well.

One company may be able to benefit another company mutually. For instance, the courier services company can be contacted if you have a packaging business and want goods delivered.

Your Own Business in the Directory:

The Pakistan Business Directory is not only used to contact other companies, but you may also have your own business listed in the Directory as well. In order to have your company listed, you must provide contact details.

These details include mentioning the E-Mail Address, Mobile Number and Landline numbers. However, in the field of Business, most people contact each other through E-Mails. Emails are the most efficient way to contact.

Companies Targeted:

Different industries are mentioned in the Pakistan Business Directory. A few of these industries include:

  • Computers and IT
  • Tanneries and Leather
  • Paper and Packaging
  • Television, Multimedia and Radio
  • Telecommunication
  • Minerals, Mining and Metals
  • Environmental Sciences and Service 

The best you could do for your Company is to make contacts via Pakistan Business Directory. Make contacts right now with the help of Darsaal!