Fiberglass Linning & Coating

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Name Fiberglass Linning & Coating
City Multan
Type Engineering Section
Email [email protected]
Phone # 0616539153
Mobile # 03335368486
Contact Person ABDUL RAHMAN
Description The use of non metallic coating and lining in combination with steel or other has and will continue to be an important type of construction for combating corrosion. Organic coating of many kinds are used as lining in equipment such as piping , pumping lines and shipping containers and they often an economical means of controlling corrosion, particularly when freedom from metal contamination is the principle objective. One principle that is now generally accepted is that thin non reinforced paint like coating of less than 0.7mm (0.03in) in thickness should not be used in service for which full protection is required in order to prevent rapid attack of the substrate metal. This is true because most thin coating contains defects or holidays and can be easily damaged in service, thus leading to early failure due to corrosion of the substrate metal even though coating material is resistant. Electrical testing for continuity of coating type lining is always desirable for immersion service application in order to detect holidays type defects in coating. The most dependable barrier lining for corrosion services are those, which are bounded directly to the substrate and are build up in multiple layer or laminated effects to the thickness > 2mm. These include flake glass reinforced resin systems elastomeric and plasticized plastic systems. Polyester resin, reinforced with fiber glass has good strength and chemical resistance. In many instances, use of non metallic materials will prove to be attractive from an economic and performance stand point. These should be considered when their strength, temperature and design limitation are satisfactory.

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