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In all over the world, columnists write the columns according to their personal perceptions, opinions and prudence level regarding political issues, current affairs, social issues and the world issues. So, in Pakistan, most columnists prefer to write columns in national language “URDU” that is most known language as well. In fact, Darsaal brings the complete range of Urdu columns of all the columnists for its readers to get daily updates of their desired columnist.

Column writing is an art that is achieved after getting immaculate knowledge about the particular topic or issue. It cannot be denied from this cardinal fact that columnist plays a vital role in society to point out the government policies and criticizes them with provoking note. So, in Pakistan, there are plenty of famous columnists who come under the scope of this school of thought. Nowadays, almost, all the columnist columns are available on internet through Urdu columns and Darsaal.com covers its full variety only within seconds by clicking at once.

Darsaal.com is the best platform for those who hanker for urdu columns. One of the most read columnists is Javed Chaudhry and Urdu columns of Javed Chaudhry, have high rank in the country that distinguishes him from other writers mainly because of his unique writing style by adding worldwide stories that are concerned to his urdu columns. But on the other hand, his columns with the column title “Zero Point” have been accused mainly because of his declivity for government policies which appeared bogus in real. However, urdu columns Javed Chaudhry have its own popularity in Pakistan.

It would be a great injustice if we do not mention the columns of Haroon Rasheed, who is a senior columnist in the country and has an extreme eye on all issues with critics note. He has written the columns almost in every newspaper, but nowadays he is dealing with Dunya Newspaper and uses the title “Na-Tamaam” for every column. And, Darsaal.com catches the attention of its readers very satisfactory.

Rauf klasra appeared to a quite young among other columnists because of his outburst style of writing. Urdu columns of Rauf Klasra also have a high rank among others. He is not only a columnist but also an anchorperson and journalist. Another columnist who is very famous in this field and writes columns with the name of Saleem Safi Jirga. His columns are prominent because of his proper knowledge over the geographical history of neighbor countries including foreign policies.

Morover, You can also read Hassan Nisar Column by Hassan Nisar who is a well known journalist for his bold and straight statments. Nisar focuses on current affairs, social issues in Pakistan and current political situations.

Apart from it, Darsal also provides latest Nusrat Javed columns for online Urdu Column Readers. Nusrat Javed writes Urdu Columns for Nawa-i-waqt and he also hosts a program on Dawn News as Bol Bol Pakistan in which he disscusses current affairs in Pakistan.

People those who hanker after good columns, Darsaal.com offers Orya Maqbol Jan columns for them which are not only based on political or social matters, but also the addition of some spiritual elements involved that clearly define the mercy for the mankind. Darsaal.com provides Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami columns which are based on political issues and he also faced criticism because of his tendency towards the ruling party.

Those who want to read young columnist, Darsaal.com adds Habib Akram Columns as a fresh air in suffocated environment. Because he is famous for his pinching style of writing over government, along with others common issues. Also, there are others famous columnists who are making a great deal of difference in their domains to awake the sleeping souls for the betterment of Pakistan and Darsaal.com is also taking part in it by giving them a place in our domain. Darsaal.com also provides Hamid Mir columns who is an anchorperson and journalist as well that makes him prominent from others columnists.