Haroon Ur Rasheed Columns
Columnist Name Haroon Ur Rasheed

Haroon ur Raheed is among few person who is most experienced journalists and column writers in Pakistan. You can find all the Urdu columns of Haroon ur Rasheed at Darsaal updated on daily basis. The dedicated section of Darsaal brings the Urdu Columns on daily basis of all the famous Urdu writers in Pakistan including Haroon ur Rashid who is currently associated with Dunya News.

He has been serving in different media houses as journalists and column writer for decades. His Urdu columns tagged as Na Tamam are really popular in the literary public especially the youth and that only on the behalf of his pure political analysis. Haroon ur Rasheed has got too much respect in his field because of his experience and services in the field of journalism.

Haroon Al Rashid (Urdu:پیر ہارون الرشید) (born 1935) is the leader of the Nisbat-e-Rasooli Sufi order in Mohra Sharif, Pakistan as of 1960, and is known by the honorific Pir. He gives Islamic sermons every Friday (in Mohra Sharif) and Saturday (in Islamabad). He preaches the philosophy of Nisbat-e-Rasooli.