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Rib in Urdu پسلی
Rib in Arabic ضلع
Rib in Hindi उभरी हुई धारी
Rib in Spanish Costilla
Rib in French Côte
Rib in German Rippe

Arabic to French Dictionary – Best Way to Translate the Words

An Arabic to French Dictionary was needed by most people; yet Darsaal has been one of the first websites to take an initiative to provide a one of a kind Arabic to French dictionary online, which is jam packed with more than 100,000 words. Moreover, it is capable to translate Arabic to French phrases or even the other way around.

Providing More than what is Needed:

Darsaal has made sure that users get exactly what they are looking for. So along with Arabic to French translation and French to Arabic translation, synonyms, antonyms, origins and pronunciations are within reach to assist all.

The thesaurus, which is a huge positive of the Arabic to French Dictionary, is filled with a large amount of antonyms and synonyms that can be used in writing essays or letters or any creative writing assignment.

The thesaurus, when used with the “Word of the Day” tab is bound to help you in enhancing your vocabulary and spoken language. This exclusive tab is updated daily by Darsaal with different and unique words to give you the creative edge over others. So, Arabic to French Dictionary by Darsaal is one of the best dictionaries ever.

Through this helpful language convertor, users have also been given the freedom to search the origins of words. Knowing when the word came into being and how often it has been used since then, is interesting as well as a bonus for this already useful gadget.

The Need of Precious Feedback:

However, if the required results do not succeed in showing up, please take valuable time out of your day to send Darsaal a constructive suggestion that would allow Darsaal to add the word that is missing. In this way, future visits of the Arabic to French Dictionary would surely be trouble-free.

Speak with Confidence:

Learning how to speak a language is equally important as learning how to write it. So Darsaal has made sure that users who visit this page, leave with a thorough understanding of both languages.

The pronunciation button is available alongside each word to guide the users to the perfect way of how a word or phrase, is supposed to be spoken.

Why Learn Different Languages?

The trends of this world get altered in a fast pace. These days, it feels as if it is mandatory for an individual to learn at least another language besides his mother tongue to grow professionally. Some languages are more significant than others and are comparatively easier to learn as well.

Both French and Arabic fit this criteria. Arabic is dominant in the Middle East, while French is popular in Europe. So Darsaal’s Arabic to French Dictionary is a tool to decrease the time needed to learn these languages.

It Keeps Getting Better:

The Arabic to French Dictionary is now free to use through the official app proudly presented by Darsaal. “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is now ready to download on both Android and iOS. It is a faster, and a more user friendly version with a lot of other dictionaries compiled into the app as well.

Darsaal’s Arabic to French Dictionary not only provides meanings for more than 100,000 words or phrases, but also gives the pronunciations, origins, antonyms and synonyms of those words.