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Pretense in Urdu نمود
Pretense in Arabic التظاهر
Pretense in Hindi ढोंग
Pretense in Spanish Pretensión
Pretense in French Prétexte
Pretense in German Schein

English to French Dictionary – Learn to Speak the Language of Love

Darsaal’s English to French Dictionary is an essential item that needs to be in any aspiring person’s cart.

It is a strategy to stay relevant in this competitive world: Learn a couple of majorly prominent languages which hold a lot of significance, such as French, to climb the stairs to success of professional life in a faster and efficient way.

Having an engrossing conversation with a heavenly flow is an art. Just like any other art, it needs to be mastered, accompanied by a few tools. The English to French Dictionary provided by darsaal acts as that specific tool to enable its users to speak French fluently in a less time consuming method.

A Better Dictionary:

Darsaal provides easy access to over 90,000 correct and reliable translations from English to French. The exact opposite can be done as well with the help of the French to English Dictionary so that people native to France do not feel alien if they come across people speaking the international language, English.

What Else?

An Urdu keyboard is also made available to Pakistanis who are foreign to both the languages. In this way, words or phrases can be directly translated from Urdu to Spanish/English along with their literal meaning.

This English to French Dictionary is capable of assisting non-French speakers massively by guiding them how to pronounce French words,  as most words sound a lot more different than the way they are spelled.

To help users who desire to do creative writing but lack the vocabulary, a thesaurus which comprises of synonyms and antonyms is also available within the free English to French Dictionary.

Besides all the features mentioned above, darsaal’s English to French Dictionary also boasts a “Word of the Day” section which is updated daily with usually unheard and eye catching words which would certainly expand one’s word bank and would also make his/her conversational skills a lot more appealing.

Want More?

Darsaal is pleased to present its own functional application for Android and iOS. Install “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App”. Its free! Start using it to experience a faster and lag-free version.

Participation of Users:

In a rare case, if a word which has been typed in generates no results, make sure to send darsaal a constructive suggestion. The feedback received by the respectable users will be attended as soon as possible, to improve and broaden the online English to French Dictionary.

This service of our dear users would be highly appreciated and will also further increase the chance for fellow users to get what they are looking for on the English to French Dictionary.

Use the English to French Dictionary to learn all the basics of French in an effortless way, with the help of meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations and pronunciations as well.