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Uneven in Urdu کھر دار
Uneven in Arabic تفاوت
Uneven in Hindi अनियमित
Uneven in Spanish Non
Uneven in French Inégal
Uneven in German Uneben

English to Spanish Dictionary - A Vital Tool for this Generation

English to Spanish Dictionary is a strong need of time.The 21st century has been an era of change in every way possible and we humans need to adapt to those changes to stay up-to-date with the rapidly developing world. Same is the case with languages.

English is the international language as of now, but along with German, Spanish is also quickly gaining popularity, hence increasing its importance in the world community.

Spanish is widely spoken in countless countries including the USA, and is also recognized as its unofficial second language due to the enormous Hispanic population residing there. So, English to Spanish Dictionary will definitely assist you to learn lots of new words and their meanings.

Importance of Spanish:

In this day and age, where people are constantly migrating from one place to another for an improvement in lifestyle and better job opportunities, communication is key and differences in language should not act as barriers.

For this purpose, the Online English to Spanish Dictionary could help you a lot.

Darsaal’s Simple Solution:

This is where Darsaal English to Spanish Dictionary comes into play. It is a fact that dictionaries are one of the most convenient methods to learn a new and unfamiliar language. Type in any word or phrase of English and get accurate translations in Spanish instantly, and vice versa, through the Spanish to English Dictionary.

Over 90000+ English/Spanish words are available along with their meanings, definitions, synonyms, pronunciations and thesaurus. However, in a rarity, if no results show up, Darsaal offers our valued users to send in their highly important suggestions.

The feedback received allows us to further improve the overall experience of the Online English to Spanish Dictionary and provides the visitors on our website to participate.

For local Pakistanis, Darsaal provides the facility of an Urdu keyboard which allows words or a small combination of words in Urdu, to be directly translated into English/Spanish, making our free English to Spanish dictionary even more user-friendly.

More than just a Dictionary:

Alongside definitions, the dictionary also includes synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus and a “Word of the Day” feature as well, which overall, aid in different form of writings and enlarge an individual’s personal vocabulary too.

But language is a lot more than just learning how to write sentences. Reading and speaking is equally essential. Spanish features a lot of words which are pronounced in an unusual way.

To tackle this obstacle and make the dictionary as beneficial as it can get for our dear users, Darsaal has even added an option through which you can hear how to pronounce a specific word in the perfect manner.

Looking for an Even Faster Way?

Darsaal proudly presents an official app which is ready to download on both Android and iOS. As we know, time is money. So head over to the app store/play store to install “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” and use a less time consuming and more effective version of our dictionary.

Translate words into Spanish and learn to read, write, speak the language, and ultimately master it, through Darsaal’s English to Spanish Dictionary. It is just a great tool for you to learn new words and lots more.