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English Word Inside
Hindi Meaning के अंदर
के अंदर -
में -
समुद्र - noun m.
पृष्ठ भाग - noun m.
बाहरि भाग - noun m.
भूमि - noun f.
अंदरूनी - adj.
के अन्दर -
तह - noun f.
भीतरी - adj.
अंदर - adv.
अंदर - adv.
अंदर - adv.
अंदर - adv.
अंदर से - adv.
आंतरिक भाग - noun m.
किनारा - noun m.
के अंदर -
के अंदर -
के अंदर - adv.
के अंदर -
के अन्दर -
गुप्त - adj.
जेल में - adv.
दिमाग - noun m.
धंसा हुआ - adj.
पेट - noun m.
पेट - noun m.
भीतर - adv.
Word FormPreposition
How To Spell Inside[preposition in-sahyd, in-sahyd; adverb in-sahyd; noun in-sahyd; adjective in-sahyd, in-, in-sahyd]

Definition of Inside

Late Middle English (denoting the interior of the body): from in + side.

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You searched English word "Inside" meaning in Hindi that is "के अंदर". Inside translation from English into Roman Urdu is ke aṃdar. Inside is a Preposition. We Spell Inside as [preposition In-sahyd, In-sahyd; Adverb In-sahyd; Noun In-sahyd; Adjective In-sahyd, In-, In-sahyd]. Inside meaning in Hindi has been searched 2650 ( two thousand six hundred fifty ) times till today 05/03/2024. Get translation of the word Inside in Urdu and Roman Urdu. Learn how to speak Inside Word in Hindi and English. You may also find the meaning of Word Inside in English to Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, French, German and other languages.

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