Start Meaning In spanish

English Word Start
Spanish Meaning Comienzo
Comienzo - Noun
Empiezo - Noun
Empuñadura - Noun
Justicia - Noun
Susto - Noun
Respingo - Noun
Principio - Noun
Salida - Noun
Punto De Arranque - Noun
Ventaja - Noun
Comenzar - Verb
Empezar - Verb
Iniciar - Verb
Principiar - Verb
Abrir - Verb
Emprender - Verb
Levantar - Verb
Causar - Verb
Fundar - Verb
Entablar - Verb
Empeñar - Verb
Dar - Verb
Marcha: Poner En Marcha - Verb
Funcionar - Verb
Declarar - Verb
Asustarse - Verb
Saltarse - Verb
Combarse - Verb
Marcha: Ponerse En Marcha - Verb
Word FormVerb (used without object)
How To Spell Start[stahrt]

Definition of Start

Old English styrtan ‘to caper, leap’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch storten ‘push’ and German stürzen ‘fall headlong, fling’. From the sense ‘sudden movement’ arose the sense ‘initiation of movement, setting out on a journey’ a

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You searched English word "Start" meaning in Spanish that is "comienzo". Start is a Verb (used Without Object). We Spell Start as [stahrt]. Start meaning in Spanish has been searched 2981 ( two thousand nine hundred eighty one ) times till today 26/07/2024. Get translation of the word Start in Urdu and Roman Urdu. Learn how to speak Start Word in Spanish and English. You may also find the meaning of Word Start in English to Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, French, German, Hindi and other languages.

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