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Thinner in Urdu رقیق کار
Thinner in Arabic أنحف
Thinner in Hindi पतला करने वाला पदार्थ
Thinner in Spanish Solvente
Thinner in French Diluant
Thinner in German Verdünner

French to Arabic Dictionary - Learn It Now Before It’s Too Late

Darsaal’s creation, the French to Arabic Dictionary is unique in several ways. The first distinct feature is its enormous vastness.

It presents the best suitable meanings, synonyms, pronunciations, translations, origins of words, antonyms, and much more.

More than 100,000 words and phrases are contained within it. With the freedom of such sorts, every and any word is available for translations and meanings. The results are without any doubt, completely accurate and entirely reliable.

This dictionary not only has the ability to translate from French to Arabic free, but also has numerous other impressive functions that would be greatly helpful.

Quite a Few Other Impressive Features:

A thesaurus which exceeds the expectations of many, has been added to the service of users. It compliments the overall Arabic to French dictionary, and is filled with an unbelievably enormous amount of antonyms and synonyms.

These may be used to their full potential in creative writing essays or in general speech, adding a hint of variety to the masterpiece.

The availability of the pronunciation feature, which was hugely requested by the dear users of Darsaal is undoubtedly a necessity. Users are able to hear the proper enunciation of words, which allows them to truly know how to learn French or how to learn Arabic.

The option to repeat the audio as many times as needed makes sure that Darsaal’s users get the most out of this specific feature.

Word of the Day:

“Word of the Day” is a fascinating section of the French to Arabic Dictionary that is updated daily with unheard and rarely spoken words to really let Darsaal's users to stand out from the crowd. Such words would also spark a larger sense of imagination in one’s brain.

The origins of words would certainly attract users. Each word has a unique story behind it that is available to view on the French to Arabic Dictionary. Users would get to know how the words came into being and how has it kept up with time.

Typing in Arabic is no problem as Darsaal deals with it as well. A pre-installed Arabic keyboard is ready to use, so there is no need for any additional gadgets.

Darsaal's View On Suggestions of Users:

Darsaal encourages it’s users to send in constructive feedbacks to maintain the standard of the French to Arabic Dictionary.

Make sure to report a word that brings up no result, so that Darsaal can add it in no time, to be sure that the user experience is not compromised, as that is what matters the most.

A Great App That Meets All Your Needs:

Darsaal feels honored to announce its first official app which is ready to download on iOS and Android. It includes several other languages other than French and Arabic, keeping in mind all possible needs.

“Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” does not cost a penny to install. So download it to solve problems related to Arabic and French.

Darsaal changed the dictionary game by introducing its one in a million French to Arabic Dictionary. It consists of meanings, translations, antonyms, synonyms, pronunciations, and other tools that truly improve one’s sense of language. Besides that, it also includes an official app all set for usage.