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German to French Dictionary – Learn to Write and Speak Accurately

German to French Dictionary by Darsaal serves the users with the best word meanings, translations, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, pronunciations and many other useful features.

Just type in the German or French word with the help of German/French keyboards, and search for the relevant meanings, pronunciations, and lots more.

German to French Dictionary Online also shows the most relevant synonyms and antonyms of a word for better understanding apart from its meaning and definition.

Pronounce the Better Way:

Darsaal’s German to French Translation Online now offers one of the most useful features of pronunciation of German and French words. The pronunciation feature aids a person learn the correct pronunciation of a word so that a person can improve in both, writing and speaking skills.

“Word of The Day” – A Feature to Enhance Your Vocabulary Day by Day:

German to French Dictionary has a special feature of ‘Word of the Day’. Every day, a new word is introduced to help add more words into one’s vocabulary.

A user can also translate “word of the day” into his/her desired language. Hence, it is proved to be the most useful feature for the language learners.

German to French Dictionary with German/French Keyboards:

Darsaal is serving its users with an opportunity to learn German to French with the aid of German and French keyboards regardless of installing any certain keyboard on the device. This facility is provided by the website itself so that users can be greatly benefited.

German to French Dictionary App:

For all those mobile users who want to have the best German to French Dictionary App in their mobile phones, Darsaal is now offering its dictionary as an app for the mobile phones.

Alongside being user-oriented, this app allows the users to access the dictionary with more comfort and ease via mobile phones.

German to French Dictionary Translation has made it possible to serve the users in best manner by providing the word bank comprised of more than 100,000 words, that is a huge number no doubt.

For the people looking for the Free Online Translation German to French, Darsaal’s German to French Dictionary is all set to go along with the inspiring features.

There are no any charges to use it and a full version is available to all, free of any cost. This is what makes Darsaal’s dictionary the best.

Now Translate German to French with a great comfort. Moreover, a user can make a random selection of words for gaining a rapid improvement in his/her vocabulary.

Its enhanced speed saves time and allows a user to look for words in the blink of an eye.

Bi-directional Feature:

This German to French Dictionary has a dual function, which means that it can also be used as French to German Dictionary with a single click.

Darsaal’s German to French Dictionary provides the best word meanings, definitions, translations, synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, the pronunciation of German and French and a lot more than this. It is a demand of the current age to learn the foreign language for academic purpose or a casual interest.