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Negligible in Urdu نظر انداز کرنےکےقابل
Negligible in Arabic ضئيلة
Negligible in Hindi तुच्छ
Negligible in Spanish Despreciable
Negligible in French Négligeable
Negligible in German Unwesentlich

German to Spanish Dictionary - Best Definitions, Synonyms, and Pronuciations

Many people think of multiple resources, gadgets, and a lot of money when it comes to how to learn Spanish and German. The German to Spanish Dictionary created by Darsaal proves all that wrong because in reality, nothing regarding language, is out of reach for this impressive dictionary.

A huge number of words and phrases have been made ready for the best meanings and easy to comprehend German to Spanish translation, over 100,000 to be more precise. Translations and meanings are available in either language for further convenience.

This dictionary also provides the synonyms, pronunciations, definitions, antonyms, origins of words, and many other useful things as well.

A Dictionary With Infinite Uses:

Furthermore, the German to Spanish Dictionary does a lot more than just being able to translate German to Spanish and providing accurate meanings. It makes sure to branch out to different fields as well.

Pronunciation is a vital aspect of any language that is usually neglected by foreigners. Darsaal feels as if it is, its duty to keep users out of that ignorant class.

Pronunciation of Spanish and German words can be mastered through the audio produced upon clicking a button. The voice enunciates the word perfectly for users to repeat after it and as a result, learning how to speak the language properly while simultaneously respecting its culture.

A dictionary and a thesaurus really do go hand in hand. Hence, an awesome thesaurus is included in the package, that is the German to Spanish Dictionary.

A surprisingly massive amount of antonyms and synonyms are jam-packed to aid users in whatever way they might need them. Whether it is a written assignment or a general enhancement of one’s glossary, the thesaurus will always be helpful.

The “Word of the Day” is destined to be popular among individuals who have a passion for improving their vocabulary.

This section is updated daily, automatically making it unique. Each day a new word is present for users to feast over. The words added are generally rarely used, but do seem to pack a punch during a conversation. Such words also trigger the creative side of one’s mind.

The option to look up the origins is a feature that unfortunately goes unnoticed most of the times, although it is really captivating.

Knowing when a word was born and how it was created is equally interesting as how often has it been used since then. Both these kinds of information can be gathered from here.

An App Bound To Be Well Received:

“Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is officially announced by Darsaal. It is free to download on both major platforms: iOS and Android. Install it now to obtain your revolutionized pocket dictionary.

It is far superior than its desktop version and is faster as well. The convenience of a lot more languages in addition to German and Spanish have made users include this app in their wish list.

Be A Part of The Spanish to German Dictionary:

Such a humongous gallery of words should be more than satisfactory for the needs of users but if in a rare scenario, if a word relays no results, users are encouraged to report the missing word and add a feedback as well if other problems are faced.

Darsaal cares a lot for the experience of users, so these feedbacks would be acted upon as soon as possible to be certain that the quality of the German Spanish dictionary online does not suffer in any way.

The German to Spanish Dictionary makes sure to provide everything related to language. Meanings, translations, pronunciations, origins, thesaurus, and vocabulary enhancers, all in one spot. Also make sure to check out the official app proudly created by Darsaal.