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Word of the Day

Coincident in Urdu ہم وقت
Coincident in Arabic تتزامن
Coincident in Hindi संपाती
Coincident in Spanish Coincidente
Coincident in French Coïncident
Coincident in German Gleichzeitig

Hindi to Arabic Dictionary – Best Synonyms, Meanings, and Pronunciation

The Hindi to Arabic Dictionary is one of a kind. Its simple yet highly effective interface makes sure that the user gets what is needed in the least amount of time.

Hindi to Arabic learning is now easier than ever, thanks to Darsaal. There are 100,000 and more words or phrases, that are ready for Hindi to Arabic translation.

In addition to its prime purpose, The Hindi to Arabic Dictionary also offers a few other features like pronunciation, antonyms, synonyms, pronunciations, origins and much more.

Assists All Kinds of Users:

Apart from being able to translate Hindi to Arabic, the Arabic to Hindi dictionary helps the creative writing community by providing quality antonyms and synonyms that can add diversity to any written material.

This unique Hindi to Arabic Dictionary has also added yet another convenient feature, the “Word of the Day” section, which is updated everyday. Each new day, a new word goes across the user’s eyes, which allows them to use that in their daily life for an improved conversation perhaps.

Users who occasionally use the dictionary, for that little extra knowledge will be more than satisfied when it comes to studying about the origins and backgrounds of certain words or phrases, as the Hindi to Arabic Dictionary covers that as well.

Information is provided about how and when a word was first used and how has its meaning developed as time went by.

Simple Hindi Typing:

There is no need to download a separate keyboard for typing Hindi or Arabic as Darsaal provides that to make sure no time is wasted and all you need is available within this efficiently effective dictionary.

Learn Hindi to Arabic in A Simple Way:

The pronunciation button makes life easier for the users of Darsaal’s Hindi to Arabic Dictionary. For people trying to learn how to speak either of the two languages, hearing a voice which says the word out loud in the correct manner is the easiest method.

The Requirement of Precious Feedback:

Feedback of Darsaal’s users is one of its key for its unstoppable improvement as a dictionary. When the users search a word and results do not show up, we expect them to report it to Darsaal, that takes it as its priority to add the missing word as soon as it is possible.

Through a partnership such as the one mentioned above, the graph of the Hindi to Arabic Dictionary will undoubtedly keep on rising.

Further Convenience:

An app makes everything better. A faster and lag-free version which includes many other languages besides Arabic and Hindi. Same features, less snappy and still free. “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is ready to install on both, play store and app store.

The Hindi to Arabic Dictionary is in a league of its own. Meanings, translations, thesaurus, origins and pronunciations, all under one roof. Plus with the official app’s performance, the dictionary is simply incomparable.