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Word of the Day

Appointed in Urdu مقررہ
Appointed in Arabic تعيين
Appointed in Hindi नियुक्त करना
Appointed in Spanish Determinado
Appointed in French Nommé
Appointed in German Festgelegt

Hindi to English Dictionary – An Ultimate Kind of Dictionary

The Hindi to English Dictionary is a multi-purpose and an extremely user-friendly dictionary introduced by Darsaal.

It contains over 100,000 accurate word meanings and Hindi to English translation, along with English to Hindi translation.

A Wide Array of Antonyms and Synonyms:

An inclusion to these basic dictionary functions that are present in this one of a kind English to Hindi dictionary, users have the freedom to look through the huge thesaurus as well, which consists of a large number of antonyms and synonyms.

These can prove to be the only help users might need in writing a flawless written assignment filled with creative and often rarely used words or phrases, whether it be in English or Hindi.

So Darsaal’s Hindi to English Dictionary has got its users covered in every imaginable situation.

If the impressive thesaurus which is included in this Hindi to English dictionary online is not enough assistance, the “Word of the Day” tab would most certainly suffice.

This section of the Hindi to English Dictionary is updated on a daily basis with unheard, rare, and attractive words that would fill the brain with a far superior vocabulary. Users who want to stand out from the crowd would definitely find it interesting.

More than You Asked For:

A little extra knowledge never hurts. The option of learning the origins of the words is now made possible. Get to know how a word came into being and how it has progressed since its creation.

Speak with Freedom:

Darsaal believes that besides Hindi to English meaning, a useful Hindi to English converter is incomplete without a pronunciation feature, which allows users to learn how to speak the language like a native.

Through a reliable feature like this, users would never fall into an awkward conversation and suffer due to a language barrier. Each and every word can be heard by just clicking a button.

Darsaal has made the possibilities, endless.

Contribute to Darsaal:

For a website like Darsaal, which is attempting to reach the pinnacle of greatness, it cannot be done without the aid of users. At some point, a search might turn out to bring no results. The user’s instant reaction should be to report it or send a suggestion.

Through this process, Darsaal is able to take that issue as a priority and will add the word which was missing, as soon as possible.

Official Application, Unlike Any Other:

Darsaal is more than just proud to introduce its near perfect Hindi to English dictionary app, which is now available to our dear users on both platforms; Android and iOS. It is better than ever, contains numerous other dictionaries, and is of course, absolutely free to use.

So visit the app store/playstore and install “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” to obtain a vast and trouble free dictionary in phones or tablets.

The Hindi to English Dictionary is capable of providing a large variety and amount of meanings, definitions, translations, synonyms, antonyms, origins and pronunciations.