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Negligible in Urdu نظر انداز کرنےکےقابل
Negligible in Arabic ضئيلة
Negligible in Hindi तुच्छ
Negligible in Spanish Despreciable
Negligible in French Négligeable
Negligible in German Unwesentlich

Hindi to French Dictionary – Best Translations, Synonyms, and Pronunciations

The Hindi to French Dictionary is all that is really required when it comes to translating, and getting reliable meanings, especially when keeping in mind the vastness of this particular dictionary, 100,000+ words to be exact.  

The Basic Function:

This revolutionary French to Hindi dictionary gathers a hundred percent accurate Hindi to French translation for your satisfaction. Hence, making Darsaal’s aim obvious: to make learning French or Hindi as easy and fun as it can be.

The over 100,000 words give out the comprehensible and simple definitions that can easily be learnt. But the untiring efforts of Darsaal’s Hindi to French Dictionary does not end there.

Precious Suggestions:

In case a result does not show up, report the word. Darsaal will take it as their duty to fill in the missing word as soon as possible to be sure that our dear users never face any such hassle. So be sure to send a feedback, as it is hugely valuable to Darsaal.

A Dictionary and Much More:

Rather than being a conventional dictionary that just provides French to Hindi translation and meanings, Darsaal’s Hindi to French Dictionary takes a bold step to facilitate users with French to Hindi pronunciation available right in the dictionary.

Through it, learning how to speak French or Hindi, becomes a piece of cake. Searching a word and clicking a button produces a voice that pronounces the word in the correct way. Repeat it as many times as desired and master the art of speaking the language.

The makers of the Hindi to French Dictionary have made sure to add the origins. Uses of a dictionary are endless, and this feature is testimony to that. Being able to know exactly when a word was made and how it met its demise or progressed, on the contrary, is a feature that many take for granted.

The highly beneficial thesaurus is better than ever with an infinite number of antonyms and synonyms ready to help users to enhance the vocabulary and speaking skills by providing different and rarely used words.

The personal word bank can be further enlarged by the “Word of the Day” section specifically dedicated for that purpose. Each new day users will look forward to what new word has been added for them. With the Hindi to French Dictionary, observe how each day the personal vocabulary increases.

There is no need to download a separate keyboard as Darsaal has added which allows users to type in Hindi Sanskrit.

Download the App for Further Help:

“Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” comprises of all the features mentioned above, and combines them in an unimaginably concise and user friendly way. Plus, it has other languages within the app itself.

It is available on both Android and iOS for no cost, so feel free to download it and use it to save loads of time.

All in all, this fantastic Hindi to French Dictionary makes sure users get all they need as a head start to learn these languages through meanings, translations, origins, antonyms, synonyms, pronunciations and other features too.