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Unlock in Urdu دل کی بات کہہ دینا
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Unlock in Hindi ताला खोलना
Unlock in Spanish Abrir Cerradura
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Hindi to Spanish Dictionary – Perfect Translations, Meanings & Pronunciations

The Hindi to Spanish Dictionary is one of a kind dictionary which contains more than 100,000 words without any doubt, miles ahead of any other dictionary.

Being a Hindi to Spanish language dictionary, it fulfills its purpose in providing easy to understand meanings and reliable translations. But putting that aside, Darsaal goes a step further to supply users with countless different additional features.

Numerous Features, One Website:

The large number of antonyms and synonyms complied in the thesaurus is a hugely popular feature among users of the Hindi to Spanish Dictionary. It allows the people interested in writing materials of these languages and also enables them to raise the standard of their vocabulary.

A further way to expand the personal vocabulary is through the “Word of the Day”, which is updated daily on a strict schedule, with distinct and fascinating words that really ignite the creativity and imagination in an individual.

On a side note, the expressions and words learnt through the thesaurus and the “Word of the Day”, may be used in daily conversation which would assure the speaker to get more attention.

Hindi to Spanish language learning has been simplified with the addition of the pronunciation button. Any word that has been searched, is able to be heard by a touch of a button. A computer generated voice guides users in an accurate way of how to speak Hindi or Spanish, making it quite easy to learn Hindi to Spanish language.

The option to look up for the origin of the words is still intact. The knowledge regarding how a word came into existence and how is it progressed since its birth can all be known from this section. Collecting knowledge in this way is interesting as well as a food for thought.

Both Hindi and Spanish keyboards are free to use on the Spanish to Hindi dictionary for convenience of typing without additional downloads.

Why is Feedback Needed?

The Hindi to Spanish Dictionary, by Darsaal, urges its users to feel free to send Darsaal a constructive and descriptive feedback whenever an issue is spotted by the eye. The precious suggestions of our valuable users are what allow Darsaal to maintain its quality.

In a rare scenario, if the searched word produces no result, Darsaal expects the dear users to report the problem. Only then, the Hindi to Spanish Dictionary can reach the verge of greatness.

An App Worth Installing:

Hindi to Spanish translation online is an easy to use dictionary. Darsaal managed to improve the experience through a lag free and convenient app. “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” contains the Hindi to Spanish Dictionary with a couple of other languages available with the app itself.

The app is free to download on both Android and iOS. So download it now to make life easier.

The Hindi to Spanish Dictionary is filled with 100,000+ meanings, translations, a thesaurus, pronunciations, and origins. A Hindi keyboard is set for users. Darsaal also created a free app that does all of the functions in a faster way.