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Artful in Urdu ہوشیار
Artful in Arabic الداهية
Artful in Hindi धूर्त
Artful in Spanish Engañador
Artful in French Astucieux
Artful in German Raffiniert

Hindi to Urdu Dictionary – Best Translations, Meanings, and Synonyms

The Hindi to Urdu Dictionary created by Darsaal is massively beneficial to indicate the difference between both of these seemingly similar languages.

Other than, Hindi to Urdu translation and vice versa, this unique dictionary even supplies meanings, synonyms, antonyms, origins and pronunciations to over 100,000 words or phrases in both Hindi and Urdu.

The section regarding “origins” consists of information related to both the languages of India and Pakistan. Users will get to know when a word was used for the first time and its progress in popularity as time went by. Make sure to pay a visit to this section.

Word of the Day:

The “Word of the Day” is a sought-after feature among the users of the Hindi to Urdu Dictionary. When combined with the exceptionally detailed thesaurus, which consists of uncountable antonyms and synonyms, they will without any shred of doubt, be all the help needed in the form of creative writing.

Besides the style of writing, Hindi and Urdu are so alike that this one of a kind dictionary is one of the few tools that allows users to tell them apart by looking through all the features and unique words in both languages.

So by the end of the experience on the Hindi to Urdu Dictionary, the contrast between Urdu and Hindi will be crystal clear.

Wondering How to Write Hindi to Urdu on a Keyboard?

Hindi and Urdu have completely different writing styles, but there is no need to download separate keyboards as Darsaal covers that as well. Both the keyboards are pre-added for further convenience.

A Hindi to Urdu Dictionary with Pronunciation:

It is nearly impossible to learn Hindi to Urdu without knowing how to enunciate words in either of the two languages. So for this purpose, a button which produces a voice that pronounces each and every word has been introduced to make sure everything encompasses the vision of Darsaal’s dear users.

Better the Feedback, Better the Quality:

The first and foremost priority of the Hindi to Urdu Dictionary is quality. For that Darsaal needs the support of its visitors.

If a word that has been searched displays no results, make sure to report it so that the admins will be able to add the missing word without wasting any time. This makes it possible for the dictionary to never stop growing.

Download the All-in-One App now!

The Hindi to Urdu dictionary app is created by the reliable team of Darsaal, as an improvement to the already impressive desktop version. “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is waiting to be downloaded through the app store/play store, and is ready to guide you through Urdu, Hindi and countless other languages.

The Hindi to Urdu Dictionary makes it easier than ever to translate, pronounce and look up for meanings, synonyms, antonyms and origins in an easy and interactive way.