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Thinner in Urdu رقیق کار
Thinner in Arabic أنحف
Thinner in Hindi पतला करने वाला पदार्थ
Thinner in Spanish Solvente
Thinner in French Diluant
Thinner in German Verdünner

Spanish to German Dictionary – One of a Kind Dictionary with Best Features

A simple and easy-to-use dictionary, that is Darsaal’s Spanish to German Dictionary, is bound to get popular among people. Its multiple features and reliable results mean that Darsaal is in fact the pioneer, when it comes to making an all-in-one German to Spanish dictionary.

It is overflowing with above 100,000 words and/or phrases with meanings, synonyms, translations, definitions, origins, thesaurus, and much more, that is easy to understand. These words are also ready to be translated from one language to another.

The results that are relayed are always correct and truly reliable, making it one of the best Spanish to German translator that the internet has to offer.

Darsaal Pays Close Attention To Vital Feedback:

If for any reason, no results seem to show up upon the searched word, please do report it so that Darsaal makes sure to add it up to maintain the high standards of the Spanish to German Dictionary.

When the users and creators are always connected to each other, only then a website will be able to grow and keep the users satisfied.

Multi-functional, Yet Made Straightforward:

The Spanish Deutsch dictionary is a one stop shop for all that is related to Spanish, German, and even including how to pronounce Spanish words.

The pronunciation button is a widely used feature of the Spanish to German Dictionary. Any desired word can be heard through an audio instantly, and as many times as required.

As both the languages are a little tricky to speak, this feature is available for both languages, so that people may learn how to pronounce German words as well.

The inclusion of the thesaurus which is generously filled with antonyms and synonyms is a major plus point for the Spanish to German Dictionary, due to its capability to assist all kinds of users.

A bonus for vocabulary is the highly demanded “Word of the Day” feature. Each day, a new word is added to it. The words are generally rare and interesting. In this way, the brain is stimulated into working with more creativity.

The availability of the origins of words means that the background and history of words is now accessible to the intrigued users. The popularity since a word’s first use can also be judged from it, for that extra kick of knowledge.  

If All This Was Not Enough:

The browser version is a very fast dictionary, but the official app is lightning quick, in comparison to it. It is absolutely free and contains countless other dictionaries, including the Spanish to German Dictionary.

“Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is ready to install on both platforms; Android and iOS. So visit the app store/play store to download it now.

All the tools needed for learning Spanish or German are available within the Spanish to German Dictionary. Ranging from meanings and translations, all the way to pronunciations, a thesaurus, origins and a lot more.