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Word of the Day

Corporate in Urdu مستند
Corporate in Arabic الشركات
Corporate in Hindi निगम से सम्बन्धित
Corporate in Spanish Corporativo
Corporate in French Conjoint
Corporate in German Gemeinsam

Urdu to French Dictionary – Best Translations, Synonyms & Pronunciations

Darsaal’s Urdu to French Dictionary is bound to lend a hand to all fanatics passionate about learning French or Pakistan’s national language, Urdu. Both of these languages are a bit difficult to master but with the help of Urdu to French translation dictionary, it is now easier than ever.

This stunning dictionary is filled with meanings, pronunciations, origins, antonyms, synonyms of more than 100,000 words or a small combination of words, more commonly known as phrases. Numerous other overwhelming features are also ready for use in the Urdu to French Dictionary.

The Need of User’s Suggestions:

Although a large number of words are available to look up from this special Urdu to French converter, there are still chances that the required word may not be present. So in that case make sure to send Darsaal a quality feedback regarding the missing word.

The creators will see it as their priority to add the word to make it convenient for the respectable users the next time to visit the Urdu to French Dictionary.

A Dictionary Like None Other:

Type in a word from the provided Urdu keyboard that you wish to translate into or find the meaning of and hit the search button to instantaneously get the appropriate translations into French, to learn Urdu to French in less time and in a more enjoyable way.

French to Urdu translation online is also no tough task due to the extremely user friendly interface of Darsaal’s Urdu to French Dictionary.  

Many Urdu speakers get stuck in a pickle when it comes to speaking French. They fail to pronounce words, which does not leave a good impression. Darsaal’s French to Urdu translation dictionary has made it possible to generate a voice which is able to pronounce the results shown, allowing users to practice and speak fluently.

The interesting origins of words are also present for people who love to learn a new thing every day. It contains vast information about when a word began to be used and also how commonly it is used as time went by.

Enlarge the Word Bank:

Besides French to Urdu translation online, options for antonyms and synonyms inside the thesaurus tab is also made available. This section increases the size of one’s vocabulary and also gives writers a creative edge over others.

Darsaal has also made an effort to further improve the vocabulary of people through the “Word of the Day” which is updated daily on the Urdu to French Dictionary. Learning the meanings or translation of uncommon words is beneficial and can be used in daily conversations for an impressive effect.

Download The App:

An official app has also been created by Darsaal. This version is faster, more user-friendly and free as well, just like the Urdu to French Dictionary browser version. “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” is all set to be used. Install it from the play store/app store right now.

Downloading the app or using the browser version of the Urdu to French Dictionary is the best way to find word meanings, translations, origins, a huge thesaurus and other features related to French or Urdu.