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Penance in Urdu کفارہ
Penance in Arabic كفارة
Penance in Hindi दण्ड
Penance in Spanish Penitencia
Penance in French Pénitence
Penance in German Buße

Urdu to Spanish Dictionary – Valid Translations, Meanings & Pronunciation

The Urdu to Spanish Dictionary presented by Darsaal has been created to assist Urdu speakers and people belonging to the Spanish culture as well, through a simplified, yet vast variety of meanings, translations, pronunciations, definitions, synonyms and antonyms of any word that comes to mind.

The Urdu to Spanish converter is really efficient and provides translations of over 100,000 words and phrases. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Type in a word in Urdu using the available Urdu keyboard, hit the search button, and that is it, the results will appear before you.

Speak Like a Pro:

A highly useful pronunciation button is also present so that in addition to learning Spanish to Urdu words meaning, the proper way of pronouncing them may  be known,  so that speaking an unknown language confidently, does not stay an issue.

The Urdu to Spanish Dictionary has more to offer. It is filled with a thesaurus too. Uncountable synonyms and antonyms are also at your service. This would be useful in every way but the options are endless for any creative writer. Each word unique and different but conveying the same message.

The “Word of the Day” section is updated on a daily basis with interesting words that add to the reader’s vocabulary and as a result, aid him/her to write better and speak better.

The One of A Kind Dictionary:

It is proven as a fact that languages are easier to learn through dictionaries when compared to other methods. But Darsaal’s Urdu to Spanish Dictionary makes it even easier through its accurate Urdu to Spanish translation.

Translating words of Spanish into Urdu is also possible with the Spanish to Urdu translator by repeating the same simple steps mentioned earlier.

A rare, yet necessary option is also available which allows users to learn about the origin of a particular word that seems interesting.

Valuable Suggestions and Feedback:

In an unlikely event, if results fail to show up, sending feedback which informs us about the word missing will be really appreciated. The admins of Darsaal’s Urdu to Spanish Dictionary will include the word as soon as possible.

More Good News!

If the Spanish to Urdu translation online was not of enough convenience, an official application has also made its way into the app store/play store. So download “Darsaal Mobile Dictionary App” for the Urdu to English Dictionary and numerous other languages as well.

The lag free and enhanced app may act as a faster and more enhanced version of the Urdu to Spanish Dictionary available as close as one’s pocket.

In this modern era, it is essential to be a man with an array of talents. And language is definitely one of those specific talents. For example in a dilemma of employment, a person who is bilingual will be preferred over a person who can speak only one language.

Obtain meanings, translations, synonyms, antonyms, origins, pronunciations of Spanish/Urdu words and much more through Darsaal’s Urdu to Spanish Dictionary. An undoubtedly helpful gadgets for all, whether school going children or the working class.