CNG Prices in November 2022

CNG Prices in Previous Days: In accordance with the current sale of CNG, Darsaal will give you the CNG Prices in Previous Days which helps determine the consistency of the price and whether there are variations in it or not.

CNG is compressed Natural Gas or Compressed Methane at high temprature. CNG Prices vary in different part of the world depending upon the production or import in the corresponding country. However, OGRA which is OIL and Gas regulations Authority in Pakistan, determines the CNG Prices in Pakistan. 

There are many CNG stations all over the Pakistan and CNG stations in Punjab include the major cities such as Lahore, Faislabad and Multan. CNG Prices in Punjab are also proposed by the OIL and Gas Regulation Comission.

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Regions of CNG:

In Pakistan, the sales of CNG are divided into two respective regions by Oil and Gas Regulation Authority or OGRA. Naming these regions is as, Region I and Region II.

Region I includes provinces and cities such as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Potohar region, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujjar Khan.

Region II consists of areas like Sindh (Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Rohri etc.) and Punjab (Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad etc.)

Regions are set not only according to areas, but usage as well. CNG Prices in Previous Days show that CNG is actually the most affordable fuel for the people.

Uses of CNG:

There are various uses of CNG in Pakistan. Based on facts, Pakistan is one of the countries with the most CNG vehicles. The rest of the countries include Argentina, Brazil and China.

Compressed Natural Gas is much lighter than other fuels such as Petrol, Diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

CNG may also be used for storage and is used in Gas ovens and Gas heaters in the winter months.

Advantages of CNG:

CNG Prices in Previous Days show that most of the population of Pakistan can afford having Compressed Natural Gas as a fuel not only for vehicles but other purposes as well.

Since Compressed Natural Gas consists mainly of methane, it disperses easily with the air and mixes with it well.

As compared to other fuels, Compressed Natural Gas is much more efficient and does not harm the environment.


Compressed Natural Gas is available in the country all year round, starting from January to December. However, the consumption of CNG increases in the months of winter. According to CNG Prices in Previous Days, a significant change in the price is not observed.

Considering the usage of CNG by people, many people can afford to have a tank of Compressed Natural Gas rather than a tank of Petroleum or Diesel.

CNG stations are spread all across the country and CNG is abundantly available to all its consumers. CNG Prices in Previous Days are shown depending on the availability of Compressed Natural Gas per Kilograms.

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