International Forex Rates In Pakistan

Get Today International Forex Rates in Pakistan -  Find Today US Dollar & Euro Foreign Exchange Rates in Pakistan Live Online. Major currencies rates in Pakistan like; UAE Dirham to PKR, Saudi Arabian Riyal to PKR, British Pound to PKR, Australian Dollar to PKR, Canadian Dollar to PKR and foreign exchange rates historical data and archives.

Updated : 29 Nov, 2022

Country Currency Buying Rates
Australian Dollar AUD 151.13 PKR
Canadian Dollar CAD 167.39 PKR
Euro EUR 232.68 PKR
Japanese Yen JPY 1.61 PKR
U.A.E Dirham AED 60.96 PKR
UK Pound Sterling GBP 270.72 PKR
US Dollar USD 223.86 PKR
Afghanistan Afghanis AFN 2.52 PKR
Albania Leke ALL 2.03 PKR
Algeria Dinars DZD 1.61 PKR
Argentina Pesos ARS 1.35 PKR
Bahamas Dollars BSD 223.86 PKR
Bahrain Dinar BHD 595.38 PKR
Bangladesh Taka BDT 2.16 PKR
Barbados Dollars BBD 111.93 PKR
Bermuda Dollars BMD 223.86 PKR
Brazil Reais BRL 41.36 PKR
Bulgaria Leva BGN 118.97 PKR
CFA BEAC Francs XAF 0.35 PKR
Chile Pesos CLP 0.24 PKR
China Yuan CNY 31.27 PKR
Colombia Pesos COP 0.05 PKR
Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique Francs XPF 1.95 PKR
Costa Rica Colones CRC 0.37 PKR
Croatia Kuna HRK 30.84 PKR
Czech Republic Koruny CZK 9.56 PKR
Danish Krone DKK 31.30 PKR
Dominican Republic Pesos DOP 4.11 PKR
East Caribbean Dollars XCD 82.91 PKR
Egypt Pounds EGP 9.12 PKR
Estonia Krooni EEK 223.86 PKR
Fiji Dollars FJD 101.09 PKR
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 28.65 PKR
Hungary Forint HUF 0.57 PKR
Iceland Kronur ISK 1.59 PKR
IMF Special Drawing Rights XDR 294.17 PKR
Indian Rupee INR 2.74 PKR
Indonesia Rupiahs IDR 0.01 PKR
Iran Rials IRR 0.01 PKR
Iraq Dinars IQD 0.15 PKR
Israel New Shekels ILS 65.38 PKR
Jamaica Dollars JMD 1.46 PKR
Jordan Dinars JOD 315.74 PKR
Kenya Shillings KES 1.83 PKR
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 725.41 PKR
Lebanon Pounds LBP 0.15 PKR
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 49.99 PKR
Mauritius Rupees MUR 5.09 PKR
Mexico Pesos MXN 11.58 PKR
Morocco Dirhams MAD 20.94 PKR
New zealand Dollars NZD 139.85 PKR
Norwegians Krone NOK 22.65 PKR
Omani Riyal OMR 581.31 PKR
Peru Nuevos Soles PEN 58.22 PKR
Philippines Pesos PHP 3.95 PKR
Poland Zlotych PLN 49.67 PKR
Qatari Riyal QAR 61.50 PKR
Romania New Lei RON 47.34 PKR
Russia Rubles RUB 3.70 PKR
Saudi Riyal SAR 59.70 PKR
Singapore Dollar SGD 162.73 PKR
Slovakia Koruny SKK 223.86 PKR
South Africa Rand ZAR 13.10 PKR
South Korea Won KRW 0.17 PKR
Sri Lanka Rupees LKR 0.61 PKR
Sudan Pounds SDG 0.40 PKR
Swedish Korona SEK 21.46 PKR
Swiss Franc CHF 236.79 PKR
Taiwan New Dollars TWD 7.23 PKR
Thai Bhat THB 6.26 PKR
Trinidad and Tobago Dollars TTD 33.19 PKR
Tunisia Dinars TND 69.41 PKR
Turkey New Lira TRY 12.03 PKR
Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes VEF 0.00 PKR
Vietnam Dong VND 0.01 PKR
Zambia Kwacha ZMK 223.86 PKR
Currency Symbol 0.00 PKR
Bitcoin XBT 223.86 PKR
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What is Foreign Exchange Rate?

The ability of a company to trade in currencies of different countries, enhances the international economic growth of that company. Hence, it is vital to get the time to time update of Foreign Exchange Rates to ensure the prosperity of business in the global market.

Live and continuous Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan on Darsaal keep the concerned persons updated with the currency situation in Forex Open Market.

Foreign exchange rate can fluctuate due to number of factors:

  • Fluctuation in inflation rate of country results in fluctuation in foreign exchange rate of currency of that country. When there is lower inflation rate in any country, its means that there is appreciation in the value of currency in foreign exchange market.
  • Changes in interest rate also brings variation in the changes in foreign exchange rate. When interest rate is increased, then value of currency in foreign exchange market is appreciated.
  • When there is deficit in current account of balance of payment due to more imports than exports in the country, then value of currency gets depreciated in foreign exchange market.
  • When there is more government debt of a country, then there is decrease in value of exchange rate and currency gets depreciated.
  • When there is improvement in terms of trade of any country, then its export prices rises and value of foreign exchange rate increases.
  • Political instability leads towards decrease in value of foreign exchange rate.
  • Recession in a country also leads towards decline in foreign exchange rate because currency of that country becomes weak than currencies of other countries.

What is Foreign Exchange Rate Definition?

The value of the currency of one country in relative to the other country’s currency is termed as Foreign Exchange Rates. It tells the amount of one currency, which is required to sell or buy any other currency. Foreign Exchange Rates have a dominant effect on company’s profit involved in the Forex market.

What is Forex Rate in Pakistan Today?

For business owners, companies dealing in worldwide countries, stock exchange experts and persons traveling from one country to another, it is crucial to know the Forex Rate in Pakistan Today. One can get Live Currency Rates in Pakistan in a well managed interface as shown below.

  • Euro Rate in Pakistan Today Live
  • Dubai Currency Rate in Pakistan
  • Saudi Riyal Rate in Pakistan Today
  • Pound Rate in Pakistan Today Live
  • US Dollar rate in Pakistan today

Not limited to these countries, Darsaal provides Pakistan Currency Exchange rates of all countries to facilitate Foreign Exchange Trading. So why looking for other sources? Start getting updated about foreign exchange rates by Darsaal now.

What is Forex Open Market?

Foreign Exchange Rates are calculated at forex open market. These markets are open to sellers and buyers of different countries and products. It is a continuous process, Forex Open Market Time is 24 hours a day except for Saturday and Sunday.

What is difference between foreign exchange rate and open market rate?

When the exchange rate is determined by demand and supply of other different currencies in the foreign exchange market, it is known as foreign exchange rate. While open market rate is the interest rate that is paid on traded debt security in the open market.

What is difference between foreign exchange rate and interbank rate?

The rate that is used by banks and financial institutions when they swap one currency into another currency is called as interbank rate. When the exchange rate is determined by demand and supply of other different currencies in the foreign exchange market, it is known as foreign exchange rate.

Which foreign exchange companies are working in Pakistan?

foreign exchange companies in Pakistan are:

  • Royal international exchange company limited
  • Wallstreet exchange company limited
  • Dollar East exchange company limited
  • AA exchange limited
  • Paragon exchange limited
  • NBP exchange limited
  • Habib Qatar international exchange Pakistan limited
  • DD exchange company limited
  • A to Z money changer
  • Capital exchange company limited
  • Glaxy exchange company limited
  • H & H exchange company limited
  • HBL currency exchange company limited
  • NBP exchange company limited
  • Pakistan currency exchange company limited
  • Sky exchange company limited
  • Sadiq exchange company limited
  • Nobel exchange international limited
  • Cash corner currency exchange
  • Chanda & Co.
  • Al Haider money exchange
  • Aakra money exchange
  • Malik express
  • Lahore money changer

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