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Today Gold Rate in USA - Today 10 Gram of 24k gold price in USA is 652.57 usd. 1 Tola price of 24k gold is 761.15 usd and 10 Gram of 22K gold price is 598.19 usd in USA. You can check daily updated 24kt and 22kt gold rates in USA in urdu. You can also check gold rate per tola history and white gold price.

Updated: 06 Dec, 2023

24k 10 Gram652.57 usd
24k 1 Tola761.15 usd
22k 10 Gram598.19 usd
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Gold Rates in International Markets

Gold Rates in USA: Darsaal lets you get informed about the Gold Rates in USA periodically. We will give you all the Gold Price News you need to know. Find Gold Rates in USD at the spot and buy or sell the gold for business purpose or personal use.

Gold Prices in USA:

This section will deal with the Gold Price in USD.

24 Carat Gold Price today in USA is measured in ounces. Gold Price in USD Per Ounce is really expensive as compared to price in grams as it is in higher density.

However, the Gold Price in USD Per Gram is much more affordable. The Gold Price Per Gram may vary on the type of Gold though. 24 Carats of Gold would cost more than 22 Carats of Gold.

The Gold Prices Chart can be viewed online on Darsaal, which shows the increase or decrease in the Gold Rates in USA.

Gold Price Forecasts give us an idea as to how much the prices of Gold would increase or decrease in the future so that we may be well aware of the Gold prices.

Gold Price Calculators:

One can find Gold Price Calculators online, which help you determine the prices of Gold products such as necklaces, rings and watches. You can convert the gold price from USD to PKR and vice versa.

This way you can calculate how much a product may cost if you consider buying it. In this way, you can be well aware of the Gold Price History as well.

How to Measure the Purity of Gold in Carats:

One can find the purity of gold in carats by following the facts given below:

  • 24K Gold is a little expensive as it is the most pure form of gold.
  • 22K Gold is cheaper than 22 carats as it is an alloy of other metals as well.
  • 21K Gold is affordable compared to 22 carat gold.
  • 18K Gold is cheaper as it has a higher ratio of other metals than pure gold.

Types of Gold:

Carat is a unit used to measure the purity of Gold and its products. Its sign is denoted by a K. The carats are explained as:

  • 24K is defined as pure gold.
  • 22K Gold is an alloy, an alloy is a mixture of metals. 22K Gold is a mix of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other metals.
  • 21K is a mixture of 21 parts of pure gold and 3 parts of other metals.
  • 18K is a mixture of 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals.

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