Gold Rates In Pakistan

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan - Today 10 Gram of 24k gold price in Pakistan is 195,010 Rupees. 1 Tola price of 24k gold is 227,450 Rupees and 10 Gram of 22K gold price is 178,758 Rupees in Pakistan. You can check daily updated 24kt and 22kt gold rates in Pakistan in urdu. You can also check gold rate per tola history and white gold price.

Updated: 10-06-2023

Location 24k 10g 24k per Tola 22k 10g
Pakistan 195,010 Rupees 227,450 Rupees 178,758 Rupees
Karachi 195,010 Rupees 227,450 Rupees 178,758 Rupees
Lahore 195,060 Rupees 227,500 Rupees 178,808 Rupees
Islamabad 195,110 Rupees 227,550 Rupees 178,858 Rupees
Rawalpindi 195,110 Rupees 227,550 Rupees 178,858 Rupees
Peshawar 195,160 Rupees 227,600 Rupees 178,908 Rupees
Quetta 195,210 Rupees 227,650 Rupees 178,958 Rupees
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Gold Rates in Cities of Pakistan

AbbottabadArifwalaAttockBahawalpurBhakkarBurewalaChakwalChamanCharsaddaChitralDera Ghazi KhanDera Ismail KhanFaisalabadGilgitGujar KhanGujranwalaGujratGwadarHaripurHazaraHyderabadIslamabadJacobabadJampurJamshoroJhangJhelumKalashKalatKamraKarachiKashmirKasurKhanewalKhushabKhyber AgencyKohatKurram AgencyLahoreLarkanaLayyahMailsiMansehraMardanMirpur KhasMohmand AgencyMultanMurreeMuzaffarabadMuzaffargarhNawabshahNowsheraPakpattanPeshawarPindi BhattianQuettaRahim Yar Khan RajanpurRawalpindiRisalpurSahiwalSargodhaSheikhupuraShikarpurShorkotSialkotSukkurSwabiSwatTaxilaVehariWah Cantt

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Get Today's Gold Rate in Pakistan Per Gram and Per Tola - Gold rate in Pakistan Rupees live with gold price in Pakistan per gram. See gold Price in different Carats, 24K per ounce in Pakistan Rupee, 24K per 10 gram, 22K per 10 grams, 24K per tola and 22K per tola in official currency Rupees of Pakistan.

Gold Rates are always a reliable information for a Gold Buyer when buying gold. Gold value does not remain constant, always. But, it keeps changing time to time because of the different factors. A gold Investor likes to buy Gold, when the gold Price is all time low.

Not only, it benefits the Gold investor, but also it saves from any major business loss. What is the best time to buy Gold or invest in gold Stocks?  Gold Rates Pakistan Today helps benefit a Gold Buyer when looking for Gold Rates in Pakistan to know when to Buy Gold.

Moreover, gold rate in Pakistan 21k tells about the current price of 21 Karat Gold. You can also get helpful information about the 22kt Gold Rate and today Gold Rate in Pakistan in Urdu.

Rawalpindi Sarafa Bazar, which is one of the largest Sarafa bazar in Pakistan along with other major Sarafa Bazars, such as Lahore Sarafa Bazar and Karachi Sarafa Bazar are the major markets to buy Gold in Pakistan. So, you can get today gold rate in Rawalpindi Sarafa bazar on regular basis.

Gold is a chemical element existing naturally on earth’s surface. The Symbol of Gold is Au and it has an Atomic Number of 79. The Pure Gold has a slightly reddish bright yellow color. It is one of the least reacting metals. Moreover, it is found in the forms of nuggets, grains and rocks on the earth crust.

Apart from it, Gold is the precious metal on earth. It is widely used in jewelry and coins. It was used as standard currency in the recorded history. But, in 1930 Gold Coins were abandoned and a new paper currency was introduced as an alternative. 

Today, Gold world consumption is 50% in jewelry, 40% in investments and 10% in industry. Gold is one of precious metals when it comes to the jewelry. All over the world, women and girls love to wear the Gold jewelry.

Moreover, people buy Gold to invest in stable stocks. The value of Gold is not always constant, but it varies with the time. There are many factors that effect on the Gold value, but we will discuss main factors here:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Currency Exchanges
  • Global events
  • Market Speculations
  • Buying Power

When demand of Gold rises in the Market and Gold supply is low, it increases the Gold Value. Similarly, when the Gold demand in Market decreases and Gold Supply is high, it decreases the Gold Value.

The Value of a currency is also determined by the Gold. Likewise, Pakistan Gold Reserves allow the Government of Pakistan to publish the Pakistani Rupee Notes. A Rupee Note not has no physical value, but it is a guarantee to pay the Gold, when the seller requests the buyer.

So, When Pakistan National Gold Reserves decrease due to any major reason, the value of Pakistani Currency Rupee decreases, which increases the Gold Rates in Pakistan.

Another major fact that effects the Gold Price is a Political event. When any major political event occurs in Pakistan, it effects the trust of investors. So, they draw money from the Stock exchanges, which increases the Gold value.

The purity of gold is measured in Karats. So, A Karat is the basic unit of Pure Gold Measurement. For example, 24 Karats Gold which is abbreviated as 24K Gold, is the purest form of Gold Metal. When the Gold alloy composition increases, it shrinks the purity of Gold. There are many Gold forms available in the market such as 22 Karat Gold, 20 Karat Gold and 18K Gold.

You can check latest Gold Rates today in Pakistan at Darsaal. Moreover, 22K Gold Rates today are also available here.