Petroleum Prices In Pakistan

Find Today Petroleum Prices in Pakistan of Diesel, Premium Petrol, Hi-Octane, Light Speed Diesel, HOBC and Kerosene Oil. Updated Prices of Petrol and Diesel in Pakistan.

Product Retail Price
Premium/Super Rs. 279.75 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel Rs. 287.33 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel Rs. 162.03 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 186.64 /Ltr
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Petroleum Prices in Pakistan

There are a number of petroleum based products, one can be interested to know the price. Some of them are listed below:

  • High speed diesel
  • Kerosene oil
  • Light speed diesel
  • Premium
  • High octane blending component (HOBC)

Price of all above mentioned products has the capability to influence the Pakistan’s economy and affects the public as well. The accurate price information allows the users to plan the consumption accordingly.

How the price is decided?

Oil and petroleum rate in the international market directly affects the Petroleum Prices in Pakistan per Liter. At the end of the month, oil and gas regulatory authority (O.G.R.A) proposes the petroleum rates and sends its summary to the federal ministry of petroleum division for approval.

After the approval, new rates are published on official government websites and in electronic media as well. OGRA prices are mainly based on the international market rate and the projected fluctuating position of that specific oil/gas product.

Impact of the Petroleum Rates:

Cost of living is highly dependant on Petroleum Prices in Pakistan [current_year].The increase in these product prices has a ripple effect on all essential commodity goods, e.g. food items, vegetables and services as the corresponding transportation cost increases.

The continuous update of prices will allow the companies to optimize their product cost, relying on the oil and gas. Petroleum Prices in Pakistan impact the price of following:

  • Transport fare (including transport by road and by air)
  • Food price
  • Labor cost
  • Commodity chemical rates (for daily use and industrial consumption)
  • Imported material prices
  • Exported material prices
  • Energy cost of manufacturing companies
  • Crude oil based power plant expenses

All these aspects are directly hit by the fluctuating Petroleum Prices in Pakistan.


Today Petroleum Prices in Pakistan are one of the major governing factors that decide, the living cost as well as the cost of production in the country. It is essential to keep an eye on the per liter price of each petroleum product. [site_title] assists its users to get the latest updates on Petroleum Prices taken from authentic sources.

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