Petroleum Rates in March 2023

All kinds of industries along with common daily users are heavily influenced by the Petroleum prices in Pakistan. By knowing the Petroleum Prices in Previous Days, one can get the fluctuation trend which helps to forecast the future price.

In this aspect, Darsaal provides petroleum rates of each month to facilitate its users. Moreover, you can also check pso petrol price in pakistan to get latest petrol prices of different petrolium companies in Pakistan. 

Pakistan State Oil or commonly known as PSO, which is the national petroleum corporation of Pakistan and it distributes petroleum products in Pakistan. So, You can check PSO Petrol Price to get latest rates on Petroleum Products.

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Who Does Decide the Petroleum Rate?

The international market rate of oil and gas products directly affects the per liter petroleum prices in Pakistan. OGRA (oil and gas regulatory authority) is the government body that proposes the said rates. This proposed summary is then sent to the concerned federal ministry of petroleum for acceptance.

The fluctuating position and international rates are the main deciding factors to choose the country wise prices. All revised prices are then posted on the official OGRA website as a public notice.

What kind of products?

Oil and gas sector has a number of energy based products that include:

  • Premium
  • High speed diesel
  • High octane blending component (HOBC)
  • Kerosene oil
  • Light speed diesel

These above mentioned products are consumed by the citizens in vehicles and for domestic usage. Companies and industries are also the consumption bodies that utilize them for power generation.

By getting Petroleum Prices in Previous Days, one can project the price trend, which allows them to plan the future consumption.

Petroleum Rate Impact:

Price of all commodity goods such as fruits, vegetables and services is highly dependent on the corresponding transportation cost. Hence, the increase in petroleum rates causes a ripple effect on the economy of our country.

The accurate and continuous price update will allow the domestic users and companies to plan their daily consumption in a wise manner. Mentioned below goods and service rates are directly influenced by the energy prices:

  • By road transport fare
  • Airfare
  • Food items prices
  • Import material expenses
  • Labor charges
  • Chemical cost
  • Export material expenses
  • Power plant expenses

Hence, all aspects of life are under the influence of petroleum rates, which can be comprehended by the Petroleum Prices in Previous Days.

To better plan the living expenses and manufacturing cost of products, it is of great importance to know Petroleum Prices in 2023-03. This makes the users and companies to optimize the daily expenses and helps to reduce relevant costs further.

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