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How Prize Bond Works?

Prize Bond List 2024 List announces after every draw within no time. You can get the Prize Bond Draw Results 2024 as per the scheduled announcement, as we update the Prize Bond on daily basis and whenever an announcement is made by the State Bank of Pakistan. Our dedicated section of Prize Bond is not only limited to few prize bonds awards, but it also covers all the categories incuding Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs. 750, 1500 Rupees, 7500 Rupees, Rs.15,000, 25000 Rupees and Rs. 40,000.

Why to Buy Prize Bond?

These Prize Bond Schemes are quite helpful for the Poor and middle class people equally and gives the opportunity to generate some revenue by investing in Prize Bonds. There are thousands of people including rich and elite class who have been investing in Prize Bonds and yes they have also got reward through a procedure of Draw. You don’t need to buy newspaper or waite outside the bank in lines because the details of Prize Bonds list and announcement is available here.

Who Issues Prize Bond and How to Buy Prize Bond?

Prize Bonds are issued by the Government of Pakistan which are free of any interest and the method works on draw system that is held on fixed dates or some regular intervals and these regular intervals could consists of few days or weeks or months, but normally the interval consists of 15 days or 1 month. This is a kind of investement that directly revolves between governent and public money. You can buy prize bond from any branch of national bank of pakistan.

How many type of bonds are avaiable?

There are total 9 types of bonds which you can buy. every bond has different price range including 100 rupees bond, 200 rupees, 750 rupees, 1500 rupees prize bond, 7500 rupees, 15000 rupees, 25000 rupees value, 40000 rupees prize bond and 40000 preimum prize bond.

When a Bond Expires?

Prize bond never expires in lifetime. you can buy bond anytime and can return to national bank ofPakistan anytime with full amount. Govt of Pakistan

When Prize bond started in Pakistan?

First prize bond started with the amount of Rs.10 back in 1944, but now this Prize Bond cost has been extended to 25000 maximum gradually in these 77 years. K.M Shaikh,the minister at that time introduced this policy to generate the revneu and the interesting fact about Prize bond is that the first ever Prize Bond was also purchased by himself. At initial stages, the Prize Bond Draw used to held after every 3 months and still the duration of 3 months is valid and being applied till date. 

The pioneer (First) Prize Bonds were introduced in this region for the first time back in 1944 and had a 5 year span of time to be cashed. After the 5 years age, the prize could not cash without interest. The officials named this policy “Five Year Interest-Free Bonds”. After the great response and awareness in Public, the Government of Pakistan made further changes with the passage of time.