Prize Bonds Pakistan - 100 Rupees Bond Draw Results 2023

What is 100 Rupees Prize Bond?

Prize Bonds are bought by many people in Pakistan.Darsaal gives you the current Prize Bond Result 100. Prize Bonds are of various prices and have numerous rewards in return. Prize Bonds are an excellent way to financially stabilize yourself.

Which are Types of Prize Bonds?

There are Prize Bonds available for sale in Pakistan for different costs. These prize bonds can be bought from the State Bank of Pakistan. Each prize bond has three prizes as a result which is all based on luck. You have to purchase a bond only once and you receive a bond code. We will provide you the bond schedule so that you may search your bond code according to it to see if you won, especially for the Prize Bond Result 100.

The draws are held in different cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

What are Prize of 100 Rupees Bond?

For each type of bond that is bought, there are 3 types of prizes. The first prize is only one and is won by just one person.

Position Amount No of Winners
1st Prize 700,000 Rupees 1
2nd Prize 200,000 Rupees 3
3rd Prize 1,000 Rupees 1199

There are three second prizes and all over the country, only three people win them. For Prize Bond Result 100, the maximum prize amount is 700,000.The third prizes are either one thousand two hundred in number, two thousand three hundred and forty nine or one thousand six hundred and ninety six.This depends upon the type of bond that you buy.

The highest amount that you can win through a bond is by buying the 40,000 bond which has a first prize of 75,000,000.Following the quarterly basis, the draws are held. We will tell you the draw schedule from January 2023 to December 2023.

How To Check 100 Rupee Bond Draw ?

We will keep you up to date with the 100 Prize Bond List 2023 so if you plan on buying the bond costing 100, you would be aware of when to buy it and when would the Prize Bond Result 100 be drawn out. You will also be informed of the types and amounts of prizes, so you may invest accordingly.

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