Prize Bonds Pakistan - 1500 Rupees Bond Draw Results 2024

Check Prize Bonds Result 1500 Online - Get 1500 Prize bond List & Prize bond 1500 draw Results (1500 پرائز بانڈ) Online. You can Search Prize Bond List 1500, use powersearch and get alerts if your draw matches with the Prize bond results 1500 list. Prize Bond 1500 Result 2024: Purchasing a Prize Bond is one of the best ways to financially secure your future. Darsaal grants you the latest Prize Bond 1500 Result 2024 just in a few clicks.

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What is 1500 Rupees Bond?

Prize bonds can be bought from the State Bank of Pakistan. Once you buy a bond, you are given a specific code which helps determine your results.

The Prize Bond 1500 Result 2024 will tell you about all the bond codes worth 1500 rupees that have won the prizes. These prizes can be claimed from the State Bank for which they will reward you with money in return.

Prize Bonds are of various prices. The lowest amount you can pay in order to buy a bond is one hundred rupees. Then the price increases to two hundred, seven hundred and fifty, one thousand five hundred, Seven thousand five hundred, fifteen thousand, twenty five thousand and forty thousand respectively.

How To Check 1500 Rupees Bond Draw Result?

Darsaal provides you the Prize Bond 1500 Check Online facility where you just have to enter your prize bond code and you will get the results in an instant. Prize Bond Draw Result 1500 are held after every quarter of a year.

The Draws take place four times in a year and each time the different winners are chosen. There are three types of Prizes in every Prize Bond 1500 Result 2024.

What We Win If My Number is in 1500 Rupees Bond Draw Result?

There are three types of winners in 1500 rupees bond. The first prize for the 1500 Prize Bond is worth thirty lac rupees. This prize is given to just one lucky winner. The second prize is worth ten lac rupees.

Position Amount No of Winners
1st Prize 3,000,000 Rupees 1
2nd Prize 1,000,000 Rupees 3
3rd Prize 18,500 Rupees 1696

There are three of the second prizes and are awarded to three winners. The third prize has an amount of Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Rupees and is given to One thousand six hundred and ninety six winners.

Prize Bond draws are held in different cities. As is the case for Prize Bond 1500 Result 2024 as well. These cities are amongst the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta.

How Many Prize Bond I Can Buy?

In Pakistan, there is no limitation on how many Prize Bonds you can buy. You are free to buy as many prize bonds as you wish, as they can be used again and again. Therefore, buying prize bonds is one ofthe best investments you can make, as this is an effortless earning!