Prize Bonds Pakistan - 15000 Rupees Bond Draw Results 2023

Prize Bond Draw Result 15000 - Prize bond is an interest free saving, which benefits both the issuing authority and the bond owners. Lottery of prize bond is held over a certain time period. Darsaal provides the Prize Bond list 15000 all draw for its valuable users on this page. Check Prize Bonds Result 15000 Online - Get 15000 Prize bond List & Prize bond 15000 draw Results (15000 پرائز بانڈ) Online. You can Search Prize Bond List 15000, use powersearch and get alert if your draw matches with the Prize bond results 15000 list.

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What is 15000 Rupees Bond?

It is a non interest bearing security issued by the government of the country to collect funds for reduction of borrowings. Citizens of the respective country purchase it for themselves. After a certain period of time, via lottery, a few numbers are given the prize money as per bond worth.

Prize bond 15000 has the worth 15000 PKR, while the interest is given as prize money. Prize Bond List 15000 All Draw can be accessed here.

What are Benefits for Government That They Issue Bonds?

Both, government and bearer get benefit from the prize bond scheme. For both parties, it is the sort of investment scheme. At first, the government gets the gain by raising funds without any specific effort. Then, they use this fund to decrease their borrowing loan.

Additionally, these funds are used by the government for a different kind of development work. Instead of taking loans from national or international parties, they get it from people with no interest. As a result, they have to give the prize money through Prize Bond Draw Result 15000.

Why You Need To Buy 15000 Rupees Bond?

Normally the lower and middle class community gets attracted to this scheme. They are not generating a high level of income.So, they invest in the prize bond scheme, because there is no fear of loss. Then, they can sell them as soon as they need their money back.

Also, there is a chance of getting the prize money with no fear of investment loss. Following are winning amount you can win:

Position Amount No of Winners
1st Prize 30,000,000 Rupees 1
2nd Prize 10,000,000 Rupees 3
3rd Prize 185,000 Rupees 1696

How To Check 15000 Rupees Bond Draw Result?

The result is notified through newspapers publicly to everyone. The winners can go to specific bank branches, chosen by the government to collect their prize money.

The bank takes the prize bond from the owner and in return gives them the actual amount of prize bond, along with the interest specified in the draw.

Prize bond is a scheme of investment for bearers and fundraising opportunity for government. It helps the government to lessen their money load and in return provides a safe investment opportunity for owners. We keeps you updated with Prize Bond Draw Result 15000 in a very user friendly interface here on the page.