Prize Bonds Pakistan - 25000 Rupees Bond Draw Results 2022

What is 25000 Rupees Bond?

The prize bond scheme is a source of income for the government. It is seen as an alternate to loans taken from national or international bodies. As per amount of the prize bond, interest money is given to the owners of the winning prize bonds.

Why Government Issue Prize Bond?

Profit of this scheme is divided into both parties; government and persons who purchase it. In the first step, the government collects money without making any huge effort. Then it invests in development projects or uses it to clear loans taken earlier.

In the result of this favor, the government gives part of the money made from investment as prize money to prize money holders after a set time period.

How You Can Win 25000 Bond Prize?

Twenty Five Thousand Rupees Prize Bond scheme is attracted by the middle class particularly. They get a chance to invest their amount without fear of losing money. The money can be refunded as, when they need money. Following are prizes you can win if your bond number comes in draw result:

Position Amount No of Winners
1st Prize 50,000,000 Rupees 1
2nd Prize 15,000,000 Rupees 3
3rd Prize 312,000 Rupees 1696

How To Check 25000 Rupees Bond Draw Result?

The government of the respective country issues the result of the Prize Bond Draw Result 25000. The prize money is distributed through the branches of banks specified by the issuing authority. The owners of the winning prize bond can submit them into the bank and take the actual amount of the bond with interest specified in the scheme.

The interest-free investment scheme of prize bond is beneficial for both the government and investors. It is a safe investment opportunity with a chance of winning.

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