Afghanistan Afghanis 1.86 - Albania Leke 1.28 - Algeria Dinars 1.18 - Argentina Pesos 3.73 - Australian Dollar 100.21 - Bahamas Dollars 139.82 - Bahrain Dinar 371.87 - Bangladesh Taka 1.67 - Barbados Dollars 69.91 - Bermuda Dollars 139.82 - Brazil Reais 37.47 - Bulgaria Leva 81.38 - Canadian Dollar 105.41 - CFA BCEAO Francs 0.24 - CFA BEAC Francs 0.24 - Chile Pesos 0.21 - China Yuan 20.66 - Colombia Pesos 0.04 - Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique Francs 1.33 - Costa Rica Colones 0.23 - Croatia Kuna 21.43 - Czech Republic Koruny 6.23 - Danish Krone 21.32 - Dominican Republic Pesos 2.77 - East Caribbean Dollars 51.74 - Egypt Pounds 7.80 - Estonia Krooni 139.82 - Euro 159.16 - Fiji Dollars 65.93 - Hong Kong Dollar 17.83 - Hungary Forint 0.50 - Iceland Kronur 1.15 - IMF Special Drawing Rights 194.77 - Indian Rupee 1.97 - Indonesia Rupiahs 0.01 - Iran Rials 0.00 - Iraq Dinars 0.12 - Israel New Shekels 37.92 - Jamaica Dollars 1.08 - Japanese Yen 1.28 - Jordan Dinars 197.21 - Kenya Shillings 1.37 - Kuwaiti Dinar 461.01 - Lebanon Pounds 0.09 - Malaysian Ringgit 34.00 - Mauritius Rupees 4.07 - Mexico Pesos 7.39 - Morocco Dirhams 14.64 - New zealand Dollars 94.72 - Norwegians Krone 16.34 - Omani Riyal 363.65 - Peru Nuevos Soles 41.99 - Philippines Pesos 2.68 - Poland Zlotych 37.18 - Qatari Riyal 38.41 - Romania New Lei 33.95 - Russia Rubles 2.11 - Saudi Riyal 37.29 - Singapore Dollar 103.06 - Slovakia Koruny 139.82 - South Africa Rand 10.21 - South Korea Won 0.12 - Sri Lanka Rupees 0.77 - Sudan Pounds 2.94 - Swedish Korona 15.53 - Swiss Franc 141.06 - Taiwan New Dollars 4.53 - Thai Bhat 4.41 - Trinidad and Tobago Dollars 20.62 - Tunisia Dinars 46.92 - Turkey New Lira 26.10 - U.A.E Dirham 38.07 - UK Pound Sterling 179.96 - US Dollar 139.82 - Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes 14.00 - Vietnam Dong 0.01 - Zambia Kwacha 139.82 -

PSX LIVE - Pakistan Sotck Exchange

Today PSX Live - Pakistan Stock Exchange live updates for 100 Index & shares prices and details. Get PSX 2019 100-Index live updates. Total 36 sectors are listed in PSX. Pakistan Stock Exchange formerly known as Karachi Stock Exchange is the biggest Stock Exchange of Pakistan. Watch live updates of companies stocks and shares with their market values with kse announcements and pakistan stock exchange listed companies.

PSX Companies List PSX Companies Secotrs

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Pakistan Stock Exchange: Darsaal keeps you updated with all the happenings in the realm of the Stock Exchange. From Gold Rate in Pakistan and Silver Price in Pakistan to all other Pakistan Stock Exchange News. The Pakistan Stock Exchange Website can be accessed at

Investing in Stock Markets is a good way to boost your earning and secure your future. It all depends upon your luck and you can make a good earning after investing in the right companies.

Market Watches:

Market watch helps you keep updated will all the new things happening in the Stock Exchange. They give you all latest news of events and whether companies are going in profit or loss. Darsaal can help you keep track of Market Watches.

Market watch helps determine which companies are worth investing in and how can you earn more to secure your future.

Targeted Companies of Market Watches:

In Pakistan, the Stock Market may always vary. It all depends on whether the company is making a profit or is suffering from loss. With the help of Market Watches, especially PSX Market Watch, you can decide which company to invest in.

You can get Annual Reports of Listed Companies in Pakistan on the Pakistan Stock Exchange website. Some important Pakistan Stock Exchange Listed Companies on Market Watch are:

  • Munir Khanani Market Watch
  • Pearl Securities Market Watch
  • Alfa Adha Securities Market Watch
  • Aba Ali Habib Market Watch
  • Foundation Edge Market Watch
  • AKD Market Watch
  • FDM Market Watch
  • Arif Habib Market Watch


Karachi Stock Exchange:

The Hub of Stock Exchange in Pakistan is in the city of Karachi. It is where the main dealings occur and all the news about stocks, profits and losses is always available at Karachi Stock Exchange.

The Karachi Stock Exchange Trade Screen always displays the current situation on the Stock Market.

All policies and agendas are decided in the KSE Board Meetings. In order to stay in touch with the Pakistan Stock Exchange, it is always important to listen to the KSE Announcements.

Lahore Stock Exchange:

Another one of the three major Stock Exchanges is the Lahore Stock Exchange or LSE. It deals with all the profits and losses of the main companies in Lahore and the Punjab region.

After the Karachi Stock Exchange, it is the second largest Stock Exchange of Pakistan. There are Board Meetings held here as well and dealings regarding all companies and their stocks. People can invest in stocks here in the Lahore Stock Exchange.

Islamabad Stock Exchange:

The third and last Stock Exchange other than the Lahore Stock Exchange and Karachi Stock Exchange is the Islamabad Stock Exchange. It has the same functions like the other two Stock Exchanges, however, this one has the advantage of being in the Capital City of Pakistan.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Overall:

This section will give you a guideline to the PSX Stock. Darsaal will keep you posted with the PSX Stock Price so that you may decide which stocks you want to invest in.

Most of the information you require, can be acquired from the Pakistan Stock Exchange Wiki which has all the information you need. Darsaal can help you find Pakistan Stock Exchange Tips so that you may invest wisely.

You can access the Data Portal by searching for DPS PSX, it will give you information about the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Pakistan Stock Exchange Graph shows how recent trends are taking place.

It shows the changes in both profits and losses which help you determine what to invest in and what not to invest in.

It can help you decide which companies are worth investing in and which are not depending upon the change in stocks in terms of profits and loss.

Darsaal will help you understand the Stock Exchange Listing Rules and Guidelines so that your experience may go smoothly and you face no problems, whatsoever while making your investments.

You must go through and consult the PSX Rule Book in order to become aware of the rules and regulations of the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Not knowing rules and regulations may lead you being disqualified and this may result in you not being able to make further investments.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Listed Companies Reports tell about all the history of a certain company. For example, it tells how many shares it has and how many people have bought those shares. It also tells that how many companies are present in that sector and their percentages.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Summary:

The Pakistan Stock Exchange Summary lets you know about a complete summary of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It tells you about various companies and their share prices. This way you can evaluate and decide which shares you want to buy and which ones you don’t.

Stock Dividend:

A Stock Dividend is a type of payment that you make instead of paying in cash for a share. In this kind of payment what you have to do is, you purchase additional shares in order to compensate. A PSX Stock Dividend also exists and it works in the same way as any other Stock Dividend.  

Pakistan Stock Exchange is a great way to earn money fast and in great amounts. So grab your opportunity to invest in the Stock Market now and start earning.