Silver Rates In UAE

Today Silver Rate in UAE - Today 10 Gram of silver price in UAE is 27.05 AED. 1 Tola price of silver is 31.54 AED. You can check daily updated 10 Gram and 1 Tola silver rates in UAE in urdu with silver rate history.

Updated: 02 Mar, 2024

10 Gram27.05 AED
1 Tola31.54 AED
Today Gold Rate In UAE

Silver Rates in International Markets

Silver Rates in UAE vary considerably as prices are subject to change. Darsaal will give you all the latest information related to the changes in the price of Silver in UAE.

Silver in United Arab Emirates:

Silver Price in UAE is much lesser than the price of gold. However, gold is still very abundantly used in United Arab Emirates as it symbolizes luxury and extravagance.

There are a few types of Silver that exist in the United Arab Emirates region. One of these is Italian Silver.

We will provide you with the latest Italian Silver Rate in Dubai. This type of Silver is imported from Italy and is of very good quality, it is quite commonly bought by the people living in Dubai and other regions of United Arab Emirates, depending upon the Silver Rates in UAE.

Silver is sold according to its weight and its quality. Weights are classified in certain categories. The categories are tola, gram, ounce, and kilogram.

As the weight increases, so does the price. We will provide you the Silver Rate in UAE per Gram, as Silver is bought mainly in terms of grams.

Gram is the unit which is most commonly used when buying gold or silver. Not only is this unit used in United Arab Emirates, but it is also used all over the world internationally.

Silver Prices in UAE:

Silver Rates in UAE can be charted in the form of silver price charts in order to make decisions regarding the purchase or sale of silver.

You will be given these charts which include not only current silver prices, but also prices from the past.

We will provide you with forecasts of silver prices regarding how the price of silver may vary in the future and what changes in price may be expected. The price of Silver can be compared to the price of gold so that you may decide which of the two to purchase.

Darsaal will give you the updates on the silver sale prices as well, so that if you may possess silver already and want to sell it, you may be aware of how much you should sell it for. Silver Rates in UAE are not only concerned with purchasing, but also with the selling.

Uses of Silver:

Silver is used in many ways in United Arab Emirates. Mainly, Silver is used in jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Silver is also used in cutlery in various restaurants and it is used in decorative pieces for household purposes.

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