Silver Rates In Saudi Arabia

Today Silver Rate in Saudi Arabia - Today 10 Gram of silver price in Saudi Arabia is 27.75 SAR. 1 Tola price of silver is 32.35 SAR. You can check daily updated 10 Gram and 1 Tola silver rates in Saudi Arabia in urdu with silver rate history.

Updated: 09 Apr, 2024

LocationSaudi Arabia
10 Gram27.75 SAR
1 Tola32.35 SAR
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Silver Rates in International Markets

Silver Price in Saudi Arabia: Just as Gold is bought in abundance in Saudi Arabia, so is Silver. With Darsaal, keep yourself up to date with the latest Silver Price in Saudi Arabia. You will be given all the current Silver Rates in Saudi Arabia so you may stay well aware of all price changes.

Silver in Saudi Arabia:

There are numerous gold and silver mines present in Saudi Arabia. Most of these mines are present in the regions of Makkah and Madina. Gold and Silver mines help in the employment sector of Saudi Arabia as many people can get jobs as miners and as managers in mining companies.

In these mines, silver is extracted from the soil. It is then further processed for further usage. Silver is sold according to the measurement of its weights. Silver is categorized in the following weights:

  • Silver sold per tola
  • Silver sold per gram
  • Silver sold per ounce
  • Silver sold per kilogram

As the weight and quality of silver increases, so does the Silver Price in Saudi Arabia. Quality refers to its purity, whether it is pure silver or it is some alloy with other metals mixed in it. If it is pure silver, then it costs more as compared to an alloy.

Uses of Silver:

Silver is used in many diverse ways not only in Saudi Arabia, but in many other countries as well. Firstly, Silver is used mainly for Jewelry making such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

Secondly, Silver is used for household purposes such as decoration pieces and antiquities. Next, Silver is used in restaurants and café’s for their cutlery which includes spoons, forks and knives.

Silver is also used in the medical industry. It is used in many creams and ointments due to its natural antibacterial properties. Medical instruments are lined with a coating of silver due to its antibacterial nature.

Silver is used in other industries as well, such as making of cells and batteries as silver is a very good conductor of electricity. Due to all these demands of Silver, Silver Price in Saudi Arabia is handled accordingly.

Silver Prices and Rates:

Darsaal will give you not only the latest Silver Price in Saudi Arabia, but it will also give you its past history chart so that you may be aware of the changes in its price.

We will provide you with the price forecasts as well, so that you may know the possibility of price changes in the future.

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