Silver Rates In China

Today Silver Rate in China - Today 10 Gram of silver price in China is 54.77 cny. 1 Tola price of silver is 63.86 cny. You can check daily updated 10 Gram and 1 Tola silver rates in China in urdu with silver rate history.

Updated: 06 Dec, 2023

10 Gram54.77 cny
1 Tola63.86 cny
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Silver Rates in International Markets

Silver Price in China: China is one of the industrial hubs of the World, whether it is production of domestic goods or medical instruments. Darsaal gives you the most updated Silver Price in China so you may be well aware of the China Silver Market.

Silver in China:

Silver Rates in China are much lower than the rates of Gold. While most people buy gold, many of them buy silver as well.

However, people would prefer to purchase Silver over Gold as Silver is affordable for the majority of the people. Silver is measured in terms of weight in tola, grams, ounces and kilograms accordingly.

In China Silver Demand is increasing eventually as more people are driven towards buying it. As the demand usually increases, so does the Silver Price in China. There are a lot of silver mines present in China, where Silver is taken out of the soil where it is present.

Uses of Silver:

Not only is Silver used for household purposes, but it is used for other reasons as well. First of all, Silver is used for decorative pieces in houses. Besides, it is also used for jewelry production such as silver rings and necklaces.

Silver is also used in restaurants for cutlery such as silver knives, spoons and forks. Silver is used in the industrial sectors as well for battery production and the making of X-Ray films. Due to this demand, the Silver Price in China has to be well monitored.

Silver is used in the medical field as well. Due to its antibiotic properties, Silver is bought and used in antibiotic creams and other types of medication. Silver is used in the manufacture of medical utensils and instruments as well.

Silver Rates and Prices:

Darsaal will keep you updated with the latest Silver Price in China. For this, you will be provided with not only the current silver rates, but with rates of near time spans as well. For example, we will give you the Silver price history so that you may be well aware of the price in the past.

We will also provide you the silver price forecasts so that you may be well informed of how the price of silver may be subjected to change, whether it is an increase or a decrease.

With the help of Darsaal, you can keep yourself posted with the latest price charts of Silver as well to be well informed of the Silver Price in China. No matter when the prices change, you will be given the latest rates of Silver for 2023.

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