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سنیے آن لائن قرآن

Quran Pak is a last Holy book of Islam. It is a Muslim Scripture, true words of God which contains the revelation and guide lines, which was verbally revealed through Gabriel on Muhammad (S.A.A.W) and preserved in fixed written form. As the word Quran means “reading and recitation”, it is the only book which is read by millions of the Muslims in the whole world.

Quran The Holy Book of Allah the Almighty:

The most important characteristics of Quran e Pak is that it remains unchanged and free from any type of adulteration. That’s why its veracity is impeccable and God itself promised to preserved Quran Majeed from any deceit.

The Holy Quran delivered the message about the Oneness of God, incentive of Human existence on earth, eternity and its significance. It contains record about what happened before you, judgements about what’s going on and predictions about what will happen next. The holy book provides human being intellectual and spiritual nourishment.

Information about Quran:

The elevation of Quran starts from Surah Al al-Alaq at cave Hira and completed on verses of Surah al-Nasr few months before Holy Prophet (S.A.A.W)’s wisaal. The total period of elevation is twenty years, composed of 30 parts, 114 chapters, 6666 verses and 323760 words.

Surah Baqara is a largest chapter whereas Surah kawthar is smallest surah of Quran. Surah yaseen is said to be the heart of Quran. Recitation of surah al-kahf on Friday and Surah Mulk before sleep is quite beneficial.

Quran’s Translation into different languages:

The Quran Majeed is revealed in Arabic Language so it should be recited in Arabic. The need of Quran’s Translation in different languages emerged when most of non-Arabic speaking people embraced Islam. The translation of Quran Majeed is an issue in Islamic history as Muslims esteem Quran as preternatural and idiosyncratic so they believe that the Quran text should not be outlying from Arabic into different Languages. But during different eras, the Quran is translated into different languages for people of the world so that they can have a better understanding of Islamic Structure.

The Holy Book was first translated into Persian language in 7th century. Later on, it was translated into many Asian, European and African languages.

Why Quran is Translated in English Language?

Quran was translated into English language as most of foreign people don’t understand the Urdu language. So Quran Pak was translated into English language many times in history. First time the Quran Translation in English was done in 17th and 19th century. However, most of them were made in the 20th century.

17th Century:

  • The first English Translation of Quran Pak was done by Alexander Rose from French in 1649.

  • George sale Translated the Quran into English from Arabic in 1734. The Sale’s Translation into English was not accepted as it reflected missionary Stance.

19th Century:

  • In 1861, Translation was done by clergyman John Medows Rodwell.

  • In 1880 Edward Henry Palmer translated it but translation shows many misinterpretations showing their primary aim.

20th Century:

  • Later, the translation of Quran was done by Richard Bell in 1937 and by Arthur John Arberry in !950.

  • In 1910 Dr. Mirza Abul Fazi was the first Muslim who translated Quran containing Original Arabic Text which sought the attention of many Muslim Scholars.

As the number of English-speaking Muslims increased in the 20th  century. Three Quran’s Translations was done in English language.

  • The First translation was done by Muhammad Ali in 1917 based on Ahmadiyya perspective.

  • The second was done by Marmaduke Pickthall, an English man in 1930 which is considered more accurate.

  • The third was done by Abdullah Yusuf Ali in 1934 which is printed in 300 copies at that time.

  • Dr. Syed Abdul Latif translated Quran in 1967 but it was short lived due to Criticism.

  • In 1980 it was done by Jewish Muhammad Asad who converted into Islam.

  • In 1990, due to increase in the population of English-speaking Muslims in Western Europe and North America, Translation was done to meet the demands. First time, Translation was done by a woman Amatul Rahman with her Husband Abdul Manan Omar.   

  • In 1996 new translation named “the Hilali-khan Quran’’ was devised by Saudi government.

  • In 1999, the fresh English translation was done by Abdalhaqq and Aisha Bewley with revised edition published in 2005 and 2011.

  • In 2003 the Quran translation in English of 8-volume Marriful Quran was completed by Mufti Muhammad Taki Usmani.

  • In 2004, another translation was done by Muhammad Abdel-Haleem which was published in 2005 and 2008.

  • In 2007, translation was done by Laleh Bakhtiar, second translation into English by American Woman.

  • In 2009, Translation of Quran was done by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

  • In 2015, Dr. Mustafa Khattab collaborated for Quran Translation whereas in 2018 Dr. Musharaf Hasan released “The Infallible word of Allah” presentation of Quran’s translation for easy understanding and learning.

The Quran’s English Tarjuma and Quran tafseer in English language can be accessed online with word to word Quran English translation. The complete Quran pdf can be easily downloaded from website to read the Quran in any device and Laptop.

Why Quran Audio Translation Is Required?

Besides reading online Quran, audio Quran Pak is also available with beautiful voices of Ulamas. The complete audio Quran mp3 app can be installed or complete Quran mp3 can be downloaded for listening offline.

Quran pak in audio can be heard during travelling, blind people can listen to verses easily, beautiful verses and surah audio play will be good for patients and old people who are unable to read it. Quran Majeed is a source of information for all human beings either in any format and also it is beneficial for those who seek guidance from it.

سورة الفاتحة - Surah Al-Fatiha سورة البقرة - Surah Al-Baqara سورة آل عمران - Surah Aal-e-Imran سورة النساء - Surah An-Nisa سورة المائدة - Surah Maidah سورة الأنعام - Surah Al-An'am سورة الأعراف - Surah Al-A'raf سورة الأنفال - Surah Al-Anfal سورة التوبة - Surah Taubah سورة يونس - Surah Yunus سورة هود - Surah Hud سورة يوسف - Surah Yusuf سورة الرعد - Surah Ar-Ra'd سورة إبراهيم - Surah Ibrahim سورة الحجر - Surah Al-Hijr سورة النحل - Surah An-Nahl سورة الإسراء - Surah Al-Isra سورة الكهف - Surah Al-Kahf سورة مريم - Surah Maryam سورة طه - Surah Taha سورة الأنبياء - Surah Al-Anbiya سورة الحج - Surah Al-Hajj سورة المؤمنون - Surah Al-Mu'minun سورة النور - Surah An-Nur سورة الفرقان - Surah Al-Furqan سورة الشعراء - Surah Ash-Shuara سورة النمل - Surah An-Naml سورة القصص - Surah Al-Qasas سورة العنكبوت - Surah Al-Ankabut سورة الروم - Surah Ar-Rum سورة لقمان - Surah Luqman سورة السجدة - Surah As-Sajdah سورة الأحزاب - Surah Al-Ahzab سورة سبأ - Surah Saba سورة فاطر - Surah Fatir سورة يٰس - Surah Yaseen سورة الصافات - Surah As-Saffat سورة ص - Surah Sad سورة الزمر - Surah Az-Zumar سورة غافر - Surah Ghafir/Momin سورة فصلت - Surah Fussilat/Hameem Sajdah سورة الشورى - Surah Ash-Shura سورة الزخرف - Surah Az-Zukhruf سورة الدخان - Surah Ad-Dukhan سورة الجاثية - Surah Al-Jathiyah سورة الأحقاف - Surah Al-Ahqaf سورة محمد - Surah Muhammad سورة الفتح - Surah Al-Fath سورة الحجرات - Surah Al-Hujurat سورة ق - Surah Qaf سورة الذاريات - Surah Adh-Dhariyat سورة الطور - Surah At-Tur سورة النجم - Surah An-Najm سورة القمر - Surah Al-Qamar سورة الرحمن - Surah Ar-Rahman سورة الواقعة - Surah Waqiah سورة الحديد - Surah Al-Hadid سورة المجادلة - Surah Al-Mujadilah سورة الحشر - Surah Al-Hashr سورة الممتحنة - Surah Al-Mumtahanah سورة الصف - Surah As-Saff سورة الجمعة - Surah Al-Jumu'ah سورة المنافقون - Surah Al-Munafiqun سورة التغابن - Surah At-Taghabun سورة الطلاق - Surah At-Talaq سورة التحريم - Surah At-Tahrim سورة الملك - Surah Al-Mulk سورة القلم - Surah Al-Qalam سورة الحاقة - Surah Al-Haaqqah سورة المعارج - Surah Al-Ma'arij سورة نوح - Surah Nooh سورة الجن - Surah Al-Jinn سورة المزمل - Surah Al-Muzzammil سورة المدثر - Surah Al-Muddaththir سورة القيامة - Surah Al-Qiyamah سورة الإنسان - Surah Al-Insan سورة المرسلات - Surah Al-Mursalat سورة النبأ - Surah An-Naba سورة النازعات - Surah An-Nazi'at سورة عبس - Surah Abasa سورة التكوير - Surah At-Takwir سورة الإنفطار - Surah Al-Infitar سورة المطففين - Surah Al-Mutaffifin سورة الإنشقاق - Surah Al-Inshiqaq سورة البروج - Surah Al-Buruj سورة الطارق - Surah At-Tariq سورة الأعلى - Surah Al-A'la سورة الغاشية - Surah Al-Ghashiya سورة الفجر - Surah Al-Fajr سورة البلد - Surah Al-Balad سورة الشمس - Surah Ash-Shams سورة الليل - Surah Al-Layl سورة الضحى - Surah Ad-Duha سورة الشرح - Surah As-Sharh سورة التين - Surah At-Tin سورة العلق - Surah Al-'alaq سورة القدر - Surah Al-Qadr سورة البينة - Surah Al-Bayyinah سورة الزلزلة - Surah Az-Zalzalah سورة العاديات - Surah Al-'adiyat سورة القارعة - Surah Al-Qari'a سورة التكاثر - Surah At-Takathur سورة العصر - Surah Al-Asr سورة الهمزة - Surah Al-Humazah سورة الفيل - Surah Al-Fil سورة قريش - Surah Quraish سورة الماعون - Surah Al-Ma'un سورة الكوثر - Surah Al-Kauthar سورة الكافرون - Surah Al-Kafirun سورة النصر - Surah An-Nasr سورة المسد - Surah Al-Masad سورة الإخلاص - Surah Al-Ikhlas سورة الفلق - Surah Al-Falaq سورة الناس - Surah An-Nas
سورة الفاتحة سورة البقرة سورة آل عمران سورة النساء سورة المائدة سورة الأنعام سورة الأعراف سورة الأنفال سورة التوبة سورة يونس سورة هود سورة يوسف سورة الرعد سورة إبراهيم سورة الحجر سورة النحل سورة الإسراء سورة الكهف سورة مريم سورة طه سورة الأنبياء سورة الحج سورة المؤمنون سورة النور سورة الفرقان سورة الشعراء سورة النمل سورة القصص سورة العنكبوت سورة الروم سورة لقمان سورة السجدة سورة الأحزاب سورة سبأ سورة فاطر سورة يٰس سورة الصافات سورة ص سورة الزمر سورة غافر سورة فصلت سورة الشورى سورة الزخرف سورة الدخان سورة الجاثية سورة الأحقاف سورة محمد سورة الفتح سورة الحجرات سورة ق سورة الذاريات سورة الطور سورة النجم سورة القمر سورة الرحمن سورة الواقعة سورة الحديد سورة المجادلة سورة الحشر سورة الممتحنة سورة الصف سورة الجمعة سورة المنافقون سورة التغابن سورة الطلاق سورة التحريم سورة الملك سورة القلم سورة الحاقة سورة المعارج سورة نوح سورة الجن سورة المزمل سورة المدثر سورة القيامة سورة الإنسان سورة المرسلات سورة النبأ سورة النازعات سورة عبس سورة التكوير سورة الإنفطار سورة المطففين سورة الإنشقاق سورة البروج سورة الطارق سورة الأعلى سورة الغاشية سورة الفجر سورة البلد سورة الشمس سورة الليل سورة الضحى سورة الشرح سورة التين سورة العلق سورة القدر سورة البينة سورة الزلزلة سورة العاديات سورة القارعة سورة التكاثر سورة العصر سورة الهمزة سورة الفيل سورة قريش سورة الماعون سورة الكوثر سورة الكافرون سورة النصر سورة المسد سورة الإخلاص سورة الفلق سورة الناس
سورة الفاتحة - Surah The Opening سورة البقرة - Surah The Cow سورة آل عمران - Surah The Family of 'Imran سورة النساء - Surah Women سورة المائدة - Surah The Table سورة الأنعام - Surah Cattle سورة الأعراف - Surah The Heights سورة الأنفال - Surah Spoils of War سورة التوبة - Surah Repentance سورة يونس - Surah Jonah سورة هود - Surah Hud سورة يوسف - Surah Joseph سورة الرعد - Surah The Thunder سورة إبراهيم - Surah Abraham سورة الحجر - Surah Stone Land سورة النحل - Surah The Bee سورة الإسراء - Surah The Night Journey سورة الكهف - Surah The Cave سورة مريم - Surah Mary سورة طه - Surah Taha سورة الأنبياء - Surah The Prophets سورة الحج - Surah The Pilgrimage سورة المؤمنون - Surah The Believers سورة النور - Surah The Light سورة الفرقان - Surah The Criterian سورة الشعراء - Surah The Poets سورة النمل - Surah The Ant سورة القصص - Surah The Stories سورة العنكبوت - Surah The Spider سورة الروم - Surah The Romans سورة لقمان - Surah Luqman سورة السجدة - Surah The Prostration سورة الأحزاب - Surah The Combined Forces سورة سبأ - Surah Sheba سورة فاطر - Surah Orignator سورة يٰس - Surah Ya-seen سورة الصافات - Surah Those who set the Ranks سورة ص - Surah The Letter Sad سورة الزمر - Surah The Troops سورة غافر - Surah The Forgiver God سورة فصلت - Surah Explained in Detail سورة الشورى - Surah Consultation سورة الزخرف - Surah Ornaments of Gold سورة الدخان - Surah Smoke سورة الجاثية - Surah Crouching سورة الأحقاف - Surah The Wind Curved Sandhills سورة محمد - Surah Peace be upon him سورة الفتح - Surah Victory سورة الحجرات - Surah The Private Apartments سورة ق - Surah The Letter Qaf سورة الذاريات - Surah The Winnowing Winds سورة الطور - Surah The Mount سورة النجم - Surah The Star سورة القمر - Surah The Moon سورة الرحمن - Surah The Beneficent سورة الواقعة - Surah The Inevitable سورة الحديد - Surah The Iron سورة المجادلة - Surah She That Disputeth سورة الحشر - Surah Exile سورة الممتحنة - Surah She that is to be examined سورة الصف - Surah Battle Array سورة الجمعة - Surah Friday سورة المنافقون - Surah The Hypocrites سورة التغابن - Surah Mutual Disillusion سورة الطلاق - Surah Divorce سورة التحريم - Surah Prohibtiion سورة الملك - Surah The Sovereignty سورة القلم - Surah The Pen سورة الحاقة - Surah The Reality سورة المعارج - Surah The Ascending Stairways سورة نوح - Surah Prophet Noah سورة الجن - Surah The Jinn سورة المزمل - Surah The Enshrouded One سورة المدثر - Surah The Cloaked One سورة القيامة - Surah The Rising of The Dead سورة الإنسان - Surah Man سورة المرسلات - Surah The Emissaries سورة النبأ - Surah The Tidings سورة النازعات - Surah Those who drag forth سورة عبس - Surah He frowned سورة التكوير - Surah The Overthrowing سورة الإنفطار - Surah The Cleaving سورة المطففين - Surah Defrauding سورة الإنشقاق - Surah The Sundering سورة البروج - Surah The Mansions of the Stars سورة الطارق - Surah The Nightcomer سورة الأعلى - Surah The Most High سورة الغاشية - Surah The Overwhelming سورة الفجر - Surah The Dawn سورة البلد - Surah The City سورة الشمس - Surah The Sun سورة الليل - Surah The Night سورة الضحى - Surah The Morning Hours سورة الشرح - Surah Relief سورة التين - Surah The Fig سورة العلق - Surah The Clot سورة القدر - Surah Power سورة البينة - Surah The Clear Proof سورة الزلزلة - Surah The Earthquake سورة العاديات - Surah The Courser سورة القارعة - Surah The Calamity سورة التكاثر - Surah Rivalry in world increase سورة العصر - Surah The Declining Day سورة الهمزة - Surah The Traducer سورة الفيل - Surah The Elephant سورة قريش - Surah Quraish سورة الماعون - Surah Small Kindesses سورة الكوثر - Surah Abundance سورة الكافرون - Surah The Disbelievers سورة النصر - Surah Divine Support سورة المسد - Surah The Flame سورة الإخلاص - Surah Sincerity سورة الفلق - Surah The Daybreak سورة الناس - Surah Mankind

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