Quran Tilawat with Urdu Translation

Listen & Read Quran in Urdu: Quran Tilawat with Urdu Translation. Listen & Download MP3 Audio Quran. Quran Online with Urdu Translation Text and Voices of Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su'ood As-Shuraim, Urdu by Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari with ayat by ayat.

Recited By: Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su'ood As-Shuraim, Urdu by Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari

Surah Muhammadسورة محمد

Surah Fathسورة الفتح

Surah Hujuratسورة الحجرات

Surah Qafسورة ق

Surah Adh-dhariyatسورة الذاريات

Surah Turسورة الطور

Surah Najmسورة النجم

Surah Qamarسورة القمر

Surah Rahmanسورة الرحمن

Surah Waqiahسورة الواقعة

Surah Hadidسورة الحديد

Surah Mujadilahسورة المجادلة

Surah Hashrسورة الحشر

Surah Mumtahanahسورة الممتحنة

Surah Saffسورة الصف

Surah Jumu'ahسورة الجمعة

Surah Munafiqunسورة المنافقون

Surah Taghabunسورة التغابن

Surah Talaqسورة الطلاق

Surah Tahrimسورة التحريم

Surah Mulkسورة الملك

Surah Qalamسورة القلم

Surah Haaqqahسورة الحاقة

Surah Ma'arijسورة المعارج

Surah Noohسورة نوح

Surah Jinnسورة الجن

Surah Muzzammilسورة المزمل

Surah Muddaththirسورة المدثر

Surah Qiyamahسورة القيامة

Surah Insanسورة الإنسان

Surah Mursalatسورة المرسلات

Surah Nabaسورة النبأ

Surah Nazi'atسورة النازعات

Surah Abasaسورة عبس

Surah Takwirسورة التكوير

Surah Infitarسورة الإنفطار

Surah Mutaffifinسورة المطففين

Surah Inshiqaqسورة الإنشقاق

Surah Burujسورة البروج

Surah Tariqسورة الطارق

Surah A'laسورة الأعلى

Surah Ghashiyaسورة الغاشية

Surah Fajrسورة الفجر

Surah Baladسورة البلد

Surah Ash-shamsسورة الشمس

Surah Laylسورة الليل

Surah Duhaسورة الضحى

Surah Sharhسورة الشرح

Surah Tinسورة التين

Surah 'alaqسورة العلق

Surah Qadrسورة القدر

Surah Bayyinahسورة البينة

Surah Az-zalzalahسورة الزلزلة

Surah 'adiyatسورة العاديات

Surah Qari'aسورة القارعة

Surah Takathurسورة التكاثر

Surah Asrسورة العصر

Surah Humazahسورة الهمزة

Surah Filسورة الفيل

Surah Quraishسورة قريش

Surah Ma'unسورة الماعون

Surah Kautharسورة الكوثر

Surah Kafirunسورة الكافرون

Surah Nasrسورة النصر

Surah Masadسورة المسد

Surah Ikhlasسورة الإخلاص

Surah Falaqسورة الفلق

Surah Nasسورة الناس

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Quran Urdu Tarjuma and Quran e Pak in Audio Mp3 Format

Al-Quran is the revelation of Allah for His believers. It is a complete guideline package for humanity. The word “QURAN” means “that is often recited.” It is in the Arabic language.


For comfort, it is divided into 30 chapters. Chapters are further divided into 114 verses. There are two types of division of surahs in the Quran. There are total 86 Makki Surah which were revealed in Makkah on Prophet PBUH. 28 Surah were revealed in Madina which are called Madni Surah of Quran e Pak.

What are the famous surahs in the Quran?

Each and every line of the Holy book is of the vital worthy which carries the messages of Allah for human beings. However, there are some famous verses that Muslims recite abundantly all over the world.

The most recited Surahs are Sura Baqrah , Surah Imran, Surah Nisa, Surah Kahf, Surah Yaseen and Surah Rahman. you can listen all these Surah of Quran with Urdu translation in mp3 format.

Has the Quran been translated?

The translated Holy Quran is present for Muslims in the world in about 47 languages. However, with specific verses translated work, This Holy Book is available in 114 languages.

Who translated the Quran for the first time into Urdu language?

The first time Al-Quran was translated by Molana Ashiq Elahi Marathi. Qari Abdul Basit also translated Quran tarjuma in Urdu mp3 Format.

What are the needs for Urdu translation of the Quran?

The Holy Quran is in the Arabic language for the Arabs that spoke Arabic at that time. So, there is a need for Muslims living all over the world to read and understand it into their native language. Urdu translation is vital for Urdu speaking persons that can read, listen and understand the lines easily and lead his life according to the teaching of Islam.

Why is there the Tilawat e Quran Pak in MP3/audio?

The online audio Quran with Urdu translation is of great significance as it covers a lot of reading issues for illiterate persons. Who can’t read, they can listen.

Listening in online mp3 audio is efficient for a quick understanding of The Quran. Moreover, the audio listening of Tilawat e Quran Pak gives deep and effective key points, so that the listener can improve his reading.

How can a person listen to translated Al-Quran in online MP3/audio format?

You can visit this page to listen Quran e Pak in audio MP3 format. You can also download Audio Quran e Pak in your mobile, laptop and tablet. You can read out by ayat Quran with urdu translation text from Arabic.

Can audio tilawat also be downloaded?

Yes, it can also be downloaded in MP3 Format. Go to download button and click on Surah to download its mp3 audio format.