Prayer Timings In Pakistan and Cities of Pakistan

City Fajar Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
Lahore 04:31 am 11:54 am 04:14 pm 05:56 pm 07:17 pm
Karachi 05:05 am 12:24 pm 04:45 pm 06:26 pm 07:42 pm
Islamabad 04:34 am 12:00 pm 04:18 pm 06:01 pm 07:24 pm
Rawalpindi 04:34 am 12:00 pm 04:18 pm 06:02 pm 07:25 pm
Peshawar 04:40 am 12:06 pm 04:24 pm 06:07 pm 07:31 pm
Quetta 05:02 am 12:24 pm 04:44 pm 06:26 pm 07:46 pm
Multan 04:44 am 12:06 pm 04:26 pm 06:08 pm 07:28 pm
Faisalabad 04:36 am 12:00 pm 04:19 pm 06:02 pm 07:22 pm
Sialkot 04:29 am 11:54 am 04:13 pm 05:56 pm 07:18 pm
Hyderabad 05:00 am 12:18 pm 04:39 pm 06:21 pm 07:37 pm
Gujranwala 04:31 am 11:55 am 04:15 pm 05:57 pm 07:19 pm
Sukkur 04:56 am 12:17 pm 04:37 pm 06:19 pm 07:36 pm
Kotli 04:31 am 11:56 am 04:15 pm 05:58 pm 07:21 pm

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