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Get Ramadan Timings 2019, Sehr-o-Iftaar & Fasting Schedule. Find Ramadhan Sahar o Iftar fasting Time and calendar for all cities of Pakistan and the world. رمضان 1439 ہجری اوقات سحر و افطار

For the Muslims, the month of Ramadan holds a special place because this month brings the opportunity for the Muslims to wipe their sins. Moreover, Breakfast timings vary across the globe due to different time zones. In some countries the Breakfast durations are short, while in other countries people fast for long hours in a day.

Darsaal provides you Ramadan timings not only for all the cities of Pakistan but also for the all countries too. You can check Ramdan timings in your country and you can also find Ramadan Time Table here.

You can also find Ramadan Iftar time Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad as well as Multan and sehri time today in Rawalpindi. Darsaal also provides Today Sehri time along with Today Iftar time in all the cities of Pakistan.

There are to fiqahs in Islam known as Fiqah Hanafi and Fiqah Jafria. Our Ramadan Timings not only include the Hanafi breakfast and iftar timings but also Fiqah Jafria timing of sehri and iftar.


FIQA Sehr Timing Iftar Timing
Hanafi 05:34 amToday Sehr Timing In Lahore 05:52 pmToday Iftar Timing In Lahore
Jafri 05:24 amToday Sehr Timing In Lahore 06:02 pmToday Iftar Timing In Lahore
Jafria Sehr and Iftar Timings in Lahore
افطاری کی دُعا پڑھیں سحری کی دُعا پڑھیں Today Prayer Timing In Lahore
According To Hanafi fiqa today sehri timing is 05:24 am and iftar will be at 05:52 pm. Jafri fiqa sehri timing is 05:34 am and iftar will be at 06:02 pm in Lahore. Read next roza timing for your city Lahore according to Fiqa Hanafi and Jafri Fiqa.

Fiqa Hanfia Sehr-o-Iftar Time - Sunni Roza Timings In Lahore

Roza Date Day Sehri Iftar
1 06 May Mon 04:00 am 06:45 pm
2 07 May Tue 03:59 am 06:46 pm
3 08 May Wed 03:58 am 06:47 pm
4 09 May Thu 03:57 am 06:48 pm
5 10 May Fri 03:56 am 06:48 pm
6 11 May Sat 03:55 am 06:49 pm
7 12 May Sun 03:54 am 06:50 pm
8 13 May Mon 03:53 am 06:50 pm
9 14 May Tue 03:52 am 06:51 pm
10 15 May Wed 03:51 am 06:52 pm
11 16 May Thu 03:50 am 06:52 pm
12 17 May Fri 03:49 am 06:53 pm
13 18 May Sat 03:49 am 06:54 pm
14 19 May Sun 03:48 am 06:54 pm
15 20 May Mon 03:47 am 06:55 pm
16 21 May Tue 03:46 am 06:56 pm
17 22 May Wed 03:46 am 06:56 pm
18 23 May Thu 03:45 am 06:57 pm
19 24 May Fri 03:44 am 06:58 pm
20 25 May Sat 03:43 am 06:58 pm
21 26 May Sun 03:43 am 06:59 pm
22 27 May Mon 03:42 am 06:59 pm
23 28 May Tue 03:42 am 07:00 pm
24 29 May Wed 03:41 am 07:01 pm
25 30 May Thu 03:41 am 07:01 pm
26 31 May Fri 03:40 am 07:02 pm
27 01 Jun Sat 03:40 am 07:02 pm
28 02 Jun Sun 03:39 am 07:03 pm
29 03 Jun Mon 03:39 am 07:03 pm

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