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Muslims wait an entire year desperately for the month of Ramadan to get the internal satisfaction and spiritualism. Ramadan is not just fasting because it brings the gifts like Laylat ul Qadr and Eid ul Fitr for the Muslims. Laylat UL Qadr is a night of power that brings the opportunity for every Muslim to seek forgiveness. Our website delivers every new detail of Sehr o Iftar timings in Riyadh for the Muslims.Get 20-03-2019 Riyadh Sehr o Iftar timings here.

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FIQA Sehr Timing Iftar Timing
Hanafi 04:55 amToday Sehr Timing In Riyadh 06:04 pmToday Iftar Timing In Riyadh
Jafri 04:45 amToday Sehr Timing In Riyadh 06:14 pmToday Iftar Timing In Riyadh
Jafria Sehr and Iftar Timings in Riyadh
افطاری کی دُعا پڑھیں سحری کی دُعا پڑھیں Today Prayer Timing In Riyadh
According To Hanafi fiqa today sehri timing is 04:45 am and iftar will be at 06:04 pm. Jafri fiqa sehri timing is 04:55 am and iftar will be at 06:14 pm in Riyadh. Read next roza timing for your city Riyadh according to Fiqa Hanafi and Jafri Fiqa.

Fiqa Hanfia Sehr-o-Iftar Time - Sunni Roza Timings In Riyadh

Roza Date Day Sehri Iftar
1 06 May Mon 04:07 am 06:25 pm
2 07 May Tue 04:06 am 06:26 pm
3 08 May Wed 04:06 am 06:26 pm
4 09 May Thu 04:05 am 06:27 pm
5 10 May Fri 04:04 am 06:27 pm
6 11 May Sat 04:03 am 06:28 pm
7 12 May Sun 04:03 am 06:28 pm
8 13 May Mon 04:02 am 06:29 pm
9 14 May Tue 04:01 am 06:29 pm
10 15 May Wed 04:01 am 06:30 pm
11 16 May Thu 04:00 am 06:30 pm
12 17 May Fri 03:59 am 06:31 pm
13 18 May Sat 03:59 am 06:31 pm
14 19 May Sun 03:58 am 06:32 pm
15 20 May Mon 03:58 am 06:32 pm
16 21 May Tue 03:57 am 06:33 pm
17 22 May Wed 03:57 am 06:33 pm
18 23 May Thu 03:56 am 06:34 pm
19 24 May Fri 03:56 am 06:34 pm
20 25 May Sat 03:55 am 06:35 pm
21 26 May Sun 03:55 am 06:35 pm
22 27 May Mon 03:54 am 06:36 pm
23 28 May Tue 03:54 am 06:36 pm
24 29 May Wed 03:54 am 06:37 pm
25 30 May Thu 03:53 am 06:37 pm
26 31 May Fri 03:53 am 06:38 pm
27 01 Jun Sat 03:53 am 06:38 pm
28 02 Jun Sun 03:52 am 06:38 pm
29 03 Jun Mon 03:52 am 06:39 pm

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Riyadh Ramadan Timings

Find today’s 20 Mar, 2019, بدھ 13 رجب المکرم 1440ھ Sehr o Iftar Ramazan Timetable in Riyadh is according to FIQA HANAFI SEHR Time 04:55 am, FIQA HANAFI IFTAR Time 06:04 pm. According to FIQA JAFRIA SEHR Time is 04:45 am, IFTAR Time 06:14 pm. Get 20 March 2019 accurate Inteha e Sehar Time, fiqa Jafria iftar time, fiqa Hanafi iftar time, fiqa Jafria sehri time & fiqa Hanafi sehri time. We have compiled Sehr o Iftar time from best valid sources available, still it is advised to check with your local mosque to avoid any misunderstanding and differences of timing between your location and the city.

Riyadh Ramadan Timing 2019 - Fasting from before Fajr to Maghrib is a duty for all Muslims who do not have any valid excuse and according to health experts . No matter where you live, this online Ramadan timings facility will lead you towards a dedicated page of particular city's Ramadan Timings. Find today sehr o iftar ramadan time and complete monthly timetable. You can also search here Riyadh ramadan timing 2019 fajar and magrib for both fiqh jafria & hanafi. This will help during fasting in ramadan sehr-o-iftar on time to complete roza.