LESCO Jobs in Pakistan

Phone # +92-42-99204820, 99204821, 99204822, 99204823, 99204824, 99204825, 99204826, 99204827, 99204828, 99204829, 99204830, 99204850, 99205248
Fax # 92 42 9920 4803
Website www.lesco.gov.pk
Address 22/A, Queens Road, Lahore.

The WAPDA Is distributed in to 12 companies for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and this decision was taken in 1994 by the WAPDA Wing in order to make the supply of electricity better and reachable to all towns and cities and manage the loads on transformers. So LESCO came into being on 22th of march 1998 for the use of consumers as commercialization and eventually privatization. LESCO mainly covers are of its distribution which includes, OKARA, KASUR and SHEIKHPURA. LESCO contain seven operational circles along with one GSO and one operational circle, which I am going to share with you.

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