Latest LED Prices in Pakistan

LED TV is a modern television which uses light emitting diodes to display videos. The brightness of these diodes enables LEDs to be used in the outdoor atmosphere. We can clearly see videos on LEDs in the sunlight. This feature allows them to be used in billboards, store signs and message signs on highways. Today LED TVs are widely being used in homes and offices instead of common televisions due to their stylish design and eco-friendly technology.

Televisions were first introduced in 1920, but it took decades for modern television to reach the public. After World War 2, an improved version of Television in the form of Black and White TV became popular in America and England. During the 1950, TVs were a common medium to influence the public opinion. However, when the colored broadcasting was introduced in 1960s, Television became the major source for entertainment and current affair awareness.

But, the video quality being used in the televisions was still SD, so they were called SD TVs. With the invention of new technology such as CRT (which uses more electron guns then a common TV) and LCD (which uses Liquid crystals to display videos) Televisions kept on modernizing.

Now a days Televisions are flat and stylish in the form of LED, OLED, QLED. They used High Definition video resolution such as 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Advanced LEDs such as QLED and OLED have a video quality of more than 4 thousand pixels. So, the picture feels almost real and natural.

LED Tvs in Pakistan are supplied by the major electronics brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Haier, Orient and Panasonic. These LEDs have different technologies which depend on the model but mainly it can be either HD or 4K UHD. Other models include HD Ready, QLED, OLED and Smart TV.

Moreover, these LEDs have different sizes. The minimum size of an LED Tv is 32 inch and the maximum size goes up to 100 inches. However, you can buy any size of your requirement from 39, 40, 43, 49, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches.

LEDs with a Smart Tv feature are much popular among the customers due to their vast internet services. So, you can download an application, browse internet and watch YouTube videos on your Smart TV. This is why the critics say “Smart Tv is the smart option for Smart people”.

LED TV Prices in Pakistan depend on the LED Tv brand name, their size and the technology. However, you can buy an LED from 12,000 to 10 lakhs Pakistani Rupees.