Sharp LED Prices In Pakistan

Sharp Corporation is an electronic manufacturing company in Japan. The Head quarter of Sharp is located in the Sakai-ku, Sakai, Japan. The main products of Sharp Electronic include microwave ovens, Multifunction Printing Devices, LCD panels, video projectors, solar panels, cash registers, mobile phones, CMOS and CCD sensors, and flash memory, air conditioners, audio-visual entertainment equipment. Sharp LED Tvs in Pakistan have wide range of color resolution and unique design.



·         3,000+ Streaming Channels

·         Comprehensive Search®

·         Voice Search via the Roku®

·         Android™

·         High Dynamic Range

·         (HDR)-Enabled Built-In Apps

·         Aquo Motion™

·         Aquo Dimming™

·         Revelation™

·         Upscaler dbx-tv®

·         Award-Winning Sound App Store &

·         Web Browser 4K Media Player

Sharp LED Tvs come with a built in Android Operating System. So, it means that you can install any android applications on your LED Tv and enjoy it services. There is Voice Search feature too, which allows you to search any query via your voice.



·         Full HD

·         4K UHD Resolution

Sharp LEDs in Pakistan come with two types of color resolution named as Full HD and 4K UHD. The full HD color resolution uses 720p video quality whereas 4K UHD color technology uses more than 4000 Pixels to provide best video display.



·         32

·         39

·         40

·         43

·         50

·         55

·         58

·         60

·         65

·         70

·         75

Sharp LED TVs are available at a Price range from 15000 to 168,000. Moreover, you can select any Sharp LED Tv as per your requirements and buy it from online or from Sharp LED retail outlets.