BlackBerry Mobile Prices in Pakistan 2024 with Specifications and latest reviews has been provided in our dedicated section of BlackBerry. BlackBerry always launches their mobiles and smartphones in Pakistan and people give them a huge response in buying their premium products. BlackBerry acquires some premium and royal users worldwide and that’s why the BlackBerry Mobile Prices are little high than other brands.

There was a time when BlackBerry was among the most dominating mobile phones vendors in the entire world on the behalf of their secured operating system and actual productivity. Back in 2013, there were about 85 Million premium customers worldwide. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry Mobiles lost in the race after the strong position of Android & IOS systems and that’s why the numbers of customers are limited to 23 million now.

After the success of Android and IoS, Blackberry tried to launch some mobiles and then they decided to launch BlackBerry 10 based on QNX operating system back in 2013, buy that model failed to compete with international brands. After launch of BB 10, the BlackBerry Mobile Prices in Pakistan were so high and people could not afford that mobile phone which also cause failure of BlackBery 10.

BlackBerry mobile phones Price got down within days as governments of UAE and Saudi threatened the officials of BlackBerry if their security system does not comply with the law of states, they would ban the product in UAE & Saudi. The main reason of BlackBerry disaster came across when Intelligence agencies of America and UK further disclosed that they have data of users of BlackBerry that led company in big loss of money and trust as well.

Now the BlackBerry Mobile prices 2024 are not high in Pakistan and new models of BlackBerry company are fully secured with unique operating system. Just take a look on Darsaal BlackBerry Mobile Prices 2017 and Latest updated prices with specs and reviews as well.