Mobile Manufacturer Brands in Pakistan

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  • Vivo Logo
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It was new millenium when Pakistanis welcome by IT boom in the country when lots of mobile operators started their operations in Pakistan. With increasing number of people wanting to connect with eachother, call rates became lower and more and more people started using mobile phones. This was the turning point of the history in Pakistan as lots of new mobile manufacturing companies invested in Pakistan.

Now, it is commonly said that Pakistan is emerging market for all mobile companies operating around the world and this industry has reached trillions dollar cap in the country as common people including sweepers and uneducated have entered into numbers using mobile phones and want to stay connected with eachother.

Following is the list different manufacturing companies started their operation in Pakistan

  • Advance Telecom established in 2003
  • Dany Mobiles established in 2014
  • GRight established in 2011
  • Qmobile established in 2009
  • Rivo Mobiles established in 2014-15
  • Voice Mobile established in 2013
  • VGOTEL Established in 2010