HTC, commonly known as Hongda International Electronics, is a consumer Electronics company in Taiwan. Headquarter of High Tech Computer Corporation is located in the Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. HTC was founded in 1997 as an original design manufacture company which designs and manufactures laptops and computer components for rebranding. Initially, HTC mobiles were successful smartphones vendor competing big mobile phone brands such as Apple and Samsung. However, Samsung diluted HTC’s market share to 7.2%. As a result, HTC experienced massive net losses by April 2015.

The earlier models of HTC phones were based on the Windows mobile. However, with collaboration of Open Handset Alliance Group, HTC helped developing Android Operating system for Smartphones. As a result, HTC Dream was launched in many countries as the first Android phone. However, later in 2017 HTC sold its non exclusive rights for Smartphone with research and design to the Google.

From GSM to Windows and Windows to the Android, HTC Mobiles own the privilege to be the always first brand. HTC has always first introduced new innovations and advance technology in its mobile phone series. So, Mobile phone users are over the world are fond of HTC Smartphones.

The windows Series of HTC Mobile Phones include Mozart, Gold, Spark and Radar. Whereas, Google Nexus Series is one of the popular android phone series by the HTC Phones. Moreover, HTC One Series is renowned for touch screen and slate size features.

HTC Mobile Features and Specifications:

  •         Google Assistant
  •         High Resolution Cameras
  •         Hands Free- Alexa
  •         Squeeze Access
  •         Auto Zoom
  •         HTC Boom Sound
  •         Artistic Design

With Google assistant, you can manage your routine life task with ease. Moreover, Hands free Alexa is one of the first Amazon’s Alexa feature by HTC which provides immediate assistance to help perform daily life tasks. The HTC Boom Sound feature is good for listening high quality music. Also, you can enjoy shooting High Quality pictures with High resolution Camera.

HTC Mobile price in Pakistan:

HTC has always provided innovative technology and valued features to its customers worldwide on always first basis. Similar, there are many mobile phone users who love using HTC Mobile phone. You can buy HTC Cell phones on official outlets of HTC mobiles. However, HTC mobile Price in Pakistan can range from lowest 12,000 to the highest 113,000 Pakistani Rupees. You can also check HTC One Price in Pakistan and HTC mobile price in Pakistan 5000 to 10000 here on this page.