LG is a multinational conglomerate group of companies in South Korea, which deals in electronics, telecom products and chemicals. The head quarter of LG Corporation is located in Twin Towers building in Yeouido-dong, Seoul. LG was founded 71 years ago by Koo In-Hwoi on 5 January 1947, however it was formerly known as Lucky- Gold Star from 1958 to 1995. Before August 2013, LG Mobiles had second largest market Share in U.S. But, in 2017 it fell to the fifth place in Smartphone US Market Share.

LG was first registered as chemical Industrial Corporation in 1947. However, with the expansion of business, LG entered into radio telecommunication by producing first Radio in South Korea. Over the next few decades LG became a consumer electronics company by supplying home appliances.

Though, the history of LG Phone date backs to the 1980s, but LG GW620 was the first android phone by LG Mobiles. However, with the invention of new innovative technologies, LG kept introducing new mobile phone models. The notable CDMA series by LG phones are VS series, VX series, Optimus G series, GC series, KC series, KM series and PM series. The famous Smart Phone series by LG Phones include V & Q Series, G Series, and Models that end with GO, A series, BD series, C series and X series.

LG Smartphone Features and Specifications:

  •         Stylish Design
  •         Full Vision HD Display
  •         Wide Angle Cameras
  •         Metal Frame
  •         Android Support
  •         High Resolution Cameras
  •         Other

LG Mobile phones come with a stylish and elegant design. The metal frame allows us to handle the phone with secure conditions. Wide Angle Cameras provide best shoots for photography and selfies. While, with Android support you can download and experience unlimited android phone applications. All in all, LG mobile phones are perfect package for Smart Phone lovers.

LG Mobile Price in Pakistan:

LG mobiles are favored by Pakistani citizens due to their classic features and cost efficiency. So, you can buy LG Smart phone anywhere in Pakistan, by visiting LG Phone outlets. However, LG Mobile price in Pakistan may vary which depends on the phone models, cost price and mobile features. You can also check, LG latest Smartphone price and LG 4G mobile price list here on this page.