Microsoft mobiles prices in Pakistan are no t so high as compared to other existing big brands like Samsung and Huawei. The famous Bill Gate’ company that is named as “Microsoft” started launching the Mobiles in interntaional market and these mobiles are based on Window operating system that was a new idea in internaional markets. All the other brands were focusing on Android technology, but Microsot decided to go with their Windows’ operating system.

The company started manufacturing Smartphone back in 2014 after they acquire a single unite of Nokia Mobiles and that deal was done between Mircrosoft and Nokia in 5.4 Euros. Stephen Elop joined the compan as President of Nokia’ Acquired unit by Microsoft. Just take a look on Microsoft Mobile Price in Pakistan with specification and reviews in our dedicated section for Microsoft Mobiles.

CEO of Microsoft Mobiles proposed the company to go with Windows as operating system and thats’why the Microsoft company decided to launch Lumia Mobile, which failed to deliver worldwide and there was no impressive revenue generated. After the Nokia Lumia’ failure, Microsoft Mobile Prices 2023 went down in Pakistan and the competition with other brands also effected the prices of Microsoft Mobiles in Pakistan.

This company has launched too many Smartphones including Nokia X, Lumia, Series 40, Series 30 and Asha series. Only Lumia mobiles got some attentions in the international markets as compared to it’s other devices. And the only reason of Lumia’ success if mid range budget along with high class specifications.