Nokia is multinational telecommunication, Consumer electronics and Information Technology Company in Finland. Nokia Corporation was founded in 1865 and Nokia headquarter is located in Espoo, Finland. It’s a public limited company, so it is listed On New York Stock Exchange and Helsinki Stock Exchange. The major products of Nokia Corporation include Tablets, VR Camera, Telecommunication Products (such as Nokia Flexi Nokia Airframe Nokia Reef Shark) and Mobile Phones. Nokia Mobiles are famous all over the world due to their distinctive features and durability.

Nokia was first founded as a Pulp Mill back in 1860s. However, Nokia entered in electronics market in 1902. For next few decades Nokia dealt in Rubber, Hydropower and electronics products. But, in 1970s, Nokia started manufacturing Networking and Radio devices. With the acquirement of rights of mobile company Mobira, Nokia developed its first mobile phone Mobira Senator Car Phone. The first fully portable mobile phone by Nokia was Mobira Cityman 900 in 1987. Moreover, Nokia assisted in the development of cellular Networks such as GSM, 3G and 4G.

Nokia was a much popular mobile phone brand back in 90s and early 2000s before the advent of Android phones. However, the joint partnership between Nokia and Microsoft could not result in fruitful results as Mobile users turned on to the android Operating System instead of Microsoft OS. Nokia 3310 was the famous mobile phone due its long lasting battery life and durable features. However, the passage of time has lost Nokia 3310 somewhere in the history. But, you can find Nokia 3310 meme on internet.

Some of the popular mobile phone series by Nokia are 2G mobile phones (3 digit), 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series (four digit). The lettered series of Nokia phones are c series, E Series, N series, and X series.

Nokia Mobile Phone features and specifications:

  •         Durability
  •         Long Battery Life
  •         Dual Sim
  •         3G and 4G support
  •         Built in Wi-Fi
  •         Android OS
  •         Huge built in memory
  •         Large screen Display

Now a days, Nokia mobile phones come with an android Operating System Support. The durability is the first feature of a Nokia phone. However, Nokia mobiles also have long lasting battery timing. The dual sim support allows to use two cellular networks at the same time. The large display screen is good for better display for videos. The built in Wi-Fi enables you to connect to the internet and download unlimited movies, videos, music and other applications.

Nokia Mobile Price in Pakistan:

Nokia is a prestigious mobile phone brand in Pakistan. So, you can visit any of the Nokia retail outlets, which are located in Pakistan. Nokia Mobile Price in Pakistan depends on the Nokia phone model, cost price and features. However, you can buy a Nokia mobile at the minimum price of 1000 to the highest price of 40,000 Pakistani Rupees. Also, you can get Nokia 6 price in Pakistan, Nokia mobiles models with price and Nokia 8110 price in Pakistan here on this page.