Ophone mobiles with Linux Kernel operating system  and based on Android technology.  The big IT giant in the world, Google bought the Ophone company, while “Open Handset Alliance”  and “Borqs” has worked in manufacturing the mobiles and softwares. Ophone Mobile Prices in Pakistan 2024 rate list is mentioned above with specifications of different models.

The software of Ophone mobiles is based on Linux, while they are using Android Platform develped by China Mobiles, while the Android Operating system is developed by Google. There are some different models of Ophone Mobiles 2024 which are integerated with premium operating system of Android as well some other features as well, but those Ophone Mobile prices are way high than other models.

Initially the Ophone mobiles are were limited with their memory of 8 GB, but later the company launched some mobile with high memory devices having up to 16 GB and 32 GB. Now they are working on launching a device with 64 GB memory and processor better than Octa-Core.

In Pakistan, Ophone Mobile Prices are economical and affordable as per the features of different models are concerned.  Ophone Mobiles Price list has been updated and mentioned above according to the current rates in Pakistani markets.